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How do I break up with daddy :/


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It breaks my heart but I think it’s time for me to end things with my current caregiver. I’ve been going to bed sad/angry/upset/crying every night for the past few months because I’m upset with him. He doesn’t know I get upset since we’re LD, but whenever I try to talk to him he’s so closed off. Other people on this site say he’s minipulating me, so I think it’s time to end things. That being said, it hurts so much even thinking about him being gone because I’m so attached to him. I can cry for hours just thinking about it. I’m scared when I try I’m just going to back out of it or let him do one little thing that makes me happy and convince myself we’re fine. Idk I’m a mess :/ any advice?
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Talk to him as an adult, not a little. Let him know that you're upset, and what behaviours of his are causing this reaction in you. Stick with "When x happens, I feel y" statements. Don't blame, just explain. Maybe you can work it out.


Good luck.

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It's one of those things you really just have to do. Staying in a relationship where you aren't happy isn't good for either of you. It will continue to hurt you, and it's unfair on him to drag it out. :/


It does make it slightly harder that he's closed off but you'll have to find a way to get his attention because it needs to be done. Breakups are never easy and there is no way of making it easier, unfortunately. 


Maybe you can work it out so you can still be friends. I've been in a few relationships where it just didn't work out as a relationship, but was perfect as friends. ^^

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Guest Longlegs

If he is your CG, chances are he's aware of your being upset.
Which would of course have some unpleasant implications.
Regardless, I think refusal to communicate is reason enough to end a relationship: saying it's a vital part of being with someone would be a colossal understatement.

Sure, the idea of it might hurt. Might hurt for a while after the fact.
But I've noticed people often get so used to having someone else around that they become kind of blind to their own feelings.

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