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Renaming stuffies after a breakup


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I have never renamed stuffies, but I don't associate the stuffie with the stuffie giver.


I have returned stuffies after a break up, but if I am keeping them, I am KEEPING them. They are gonna be the same stuffie I feel in love with and have had stories with and played with and helped me at night. 


I don't believe in hinging happiness or other full emotions on a person. And so in this case, I don't believe in basing my stuffie's character, "personalities" and overall sense of self in the identity of the person who gave them to me. Of course there is an association of the stuffie and the stuffie giver, but it allows me to love the stuffie without constantly thinking of the giver. I enjoy the stuffie I have gotten to know and love and I drop the ex who gave it to me.


I guess... it shows I have more respect for my stuffed animals than my exes. So that could just be a Me thing. 

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Never renamed but I have had to put some away that were extra special. Had a previous partner get me a lot of 'Tatty Bears' and I still can't 'bear' (sorry had to) to cuddle them or look at them without getting teary: but I'm sure that's just because the wound is still sore.
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Guest QueenJellybean



i've renamed only one of my stuffed animals after a breakup.

it was a really cleansing experience & it helped me solidify the bear as being mine now instead of my reminder of him. 

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If it makes you feel betters, then go for it. Reclaim them as your own. :heart:


This shouldn't be understated. OP, as Throatghosts said, if you need to rename them to make you feel better, don't worry about what anyone else has done, you focus on what makes you happy and what helps you normalize yourself after the breakup.

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I've never thought to rename a stuffie after a breakup.. It just feels wrong to me I guess. I do have a few that remind me of exes but I wanna believe it's fine, and that name is a part of the stuffie and I guess my way of feeling better about breakups is to just let myself be around what reminds me of them but also make new memories with that so in the long run, I won't accidentally stumble across something that'll remind me of them and feel depressed again. I don't know if I made any sense.. sorry 

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