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When i meet someone online and ive been talking to them for a bit, i start to imagine a voice that sort of matches their personality (and picture if they have any)


im wondering if you peeps experience this as well. If so, how often are you right? Have you ever been completely surprised or caught off guard? I find that just a picture already helps a lot with forming somewhat of an idea. From personal experience, people tend to be surprised when they hear my voice. Maybe someone has been surprised by yours as well?


(I know this topic is kinda all over the place but its 2:35 am so bear with me :p )

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I don't imagine what they sound like, but there have been many times I've been shocked by what they sound like (in a good way). 


Before I was a part of irl communities I was on several online ones that had skype calls pretty often. I have a lot of anxiety around things like calling or skype so I didn't join in for a long time. But when I did.... I was so surprised lol. I'd been talking to the people through text for months and I'm not sure what i was expecting but it was not what I got. :p 

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