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ABDL newcomer, scared to death


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Hi there, I’m Missy. I’m very new to ABDL, but have been in the DD/LG community for a few years now.

I recently told my boyfriend that I wanted to try diapers, and enjoy the thought of wearing them. I don’t know what kind to get if I did wear them. But I’m scared to death to try them near him cause he thinks it’s really weird >~< I can’t even bring them up anymore, advice?

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If he's not into it, he's not into it. And I assume since you can't bring it up any more it makes him uncomfortable and that's unlikely to change. Trying them around him when it makes him uncomfortable would be unfair, but you could still try by yourself in your own time. 


I'm not into abdl or diapers myself so I don't know what kinds to get either lol. I've seen https://us.abuniverse.com/ mentioned here a few times but unfortunately I can't be much more help than that. 


Good luck!

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I think It's no fun if your daddy is not into it! ... big part of my fun is that mommy takes care of me. 


There are many different brands and possibilities. Do you fit in junior clothes ? ..  Where are you ? ...


If your daddy does not like it... like Arc said it would not be Ok to Parade in a diaper beside him.

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My Ex Daddy didn't want to participate in the ABDL side of me, so I also had to do it in my alone time. It's not as fun but in the end it could be better than nothing. The important thing is to make sure you respect him not wanting to be apart of with you. I know it can suck, but I imagine you'd rather not lose your Daddy. But maybe you could make some ABDL friends to share that part of you with:) that can also be just as fun! I wish you all the luck in the world with it!
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