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I don't know what to do as a single little?


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I don't mind being single, in fact, I prefer it over having to make time around someone else. Maybe its selfish, but after being single for so long I can't imagine being in a relationship. I am also asking what to do in terms of punishments and following them. Like, what happens if I spend to much time online, like what can I do to "ground" myself so to speak and be accountable? I am thinking of a list of punishments and praises, but that's the part that's hard being single. ^^; Also I just want to say that for me this is not a sexual thing for me. 

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Guest Aetherr

i personally don't see how self punishment could work, potentially you may want to look into a platonic caregiver, not a partner just someone who looks out for you and is looking for someone to look after

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Guest sweetthing
I’m the same, angel. Although, I’ve been in ddlg relationships almost non stop for seven years and now find myself single, I am struggling with meeting all the daily goals and just general self care I expect of myself as a middle, as I have no one to report to.
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I've never had a cg that really had set rules for me, but I love them. So I sort of made a list to where I have to report to my favorite stuffie and tell him all the good/bad things I've done at the end of the night. And with that list depends on what I can't/can do for the next day. For example, if I forgot to take my medicine in the morning I have to skip playing my video games the next day, and if I do it anyways it becomes 2 days I can't play them. I'm still pretty bad at following them, but having a list of the things you need to do daily as well as punishments and rewards really helps. Some of my rewards if I do all of the things I was supposed to do:


An extra hour of gaming time

Staying up an hour later

Buying a new stuffie for myself if I meet all the requirements for a week.

A free day (Where I can do just ABOUT anything I want, and not worry about school work)

Go out for dinner

Ice cream after dinner one night


You have to shape them around your life, but hopefully these will help you come up with some ideas. :D


Some of my punishments:

No games

No movies

Early bedtime (VERY hard for me to do.)

No desserts

Working ahead on school work


It's not a sexual thing for me either, so it's hard to come up with a lot of things to take away from yourself. 

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