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What is/would be your other half like?

Guest Carmine

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Guest Carmine

Hello there! I am new to the forum, and I am curious if other people have an image of their "other half" in their mind, if they haven't found one already! 

I was a little hesitant to start posting on forums because I had a bad experience with a previous forum I was on, but I thought this DDlg forum was worth exploring. 

I haven't found my soulmate yet, but I do have an image of him in my mind that grows stronger and more detailed the more I imagine him. To be honest, I do think we can be compatible with different kinds of people for different reasons, but for simplicity's sake I would like to focus on what you think matters most to you in terms of compatibility. What would he/she be like? How do they complement you? How do they make you feel complete? How strongly does that idea of the perfect other stir the passion inside you? What's unique about them? When you imagine them, how do they "fit" you - do they feel bigger than you or smaller (not necessarily just physically)? What kind of images does this dynamic evoke in you? Feel free to write as much and in as much detail as you like. You can also use art, pictures, poetry - really anything at all that helps you explain this. 

Have fun :)


I am looking forward to the replies. 



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To me, my soulmate is The Senate. When I met him there was a little voice in my head that said “Dew it”

It's not a story the jedi would tell you

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Guest FluffyLittleLilac
I really dislike your post because I could go on forever since I think about this quite frequently ;) Edited by FluffyLittleLilac
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Guest Carmine

I really dislike your post because I could go on forever since I think about this quite frequently ;)

Well feel free to go on about it forever, I would love to hear it :)

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Guest FluffyLittleLilac

Firstly a Daddy who is happy to be single and waiting for the one instead of intentionally settling for someone who is incompatible with them because I don’t like the scent of desperation (Oo, Fluffy can certainly throw some fluff aka sass) ;)


-He would enjoy my sassiness and play along with me, when I act a little bratty and playful


-He would be a Gentleman and try to be quite understanding and patient. We would build trust to the point where we could talk about anything and everything and be each other’s best friends!


-He would make me feel loved and I would make him feel loved with my special affection reserved only for him.

He would love me with all his heart and it would be the type of love where you don’t have to verbalise it to feel it. You’d just know he loves you by the way he treats you compared to others.


-A Daddy Dominant who is confident about their capabilities and their confidence would kinda inspire me to feel even more confident than I currently do! I feel like whatever I set my mind to, I can actually achieve and I’m constantly proving myself to myself. It’s just attractive to me when someone knows what they want and they do everything they’re capable of to make sure they achieve it.


-He would be attentive, romantic, clingy with their special one, caring and loving. Someone who gets my silly little banter and teases me relentlessly and makes me smile a lot. I can pretty much make myself laugh 98% of the time but someone who can just make you laugh so easily is pretty dang unique to me.


-He would be mature and have a real thirst for knowledge. If he knew I was interested by a topic but didn’t have much knowledge about it, he’d be the type to research it so we could have a proper discussion about it.


-He would sing along loudly (and probably quite horribly) with meeee to our fav songs and watch the sunset/sunrise as we lay down on blankets with a picnic basket hehe.


-I like the idea of a Daddy who is into fitness like me, so we race and motivate each other.


He would be taller than me and I can imagine him cuddling me, petting my hair, helping me with things etc.


I could go onnnn so much more but I’m sure when I meet him and get to know him, I’ll just know he’s the one by the way we interact, feel and how compatible we are


Darn it, now I’m all smiley now thinking about my future Daddy. DIMPLES I COMMAND YOU TO STAY ASLEEP




Disclaimer- I haven’t triple checked this.

Edited by FluffyLittleLilac
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Guest Carmine

Well...I will share how I image my "other half"...kind of embarrassed and hesitant since this is my first time on the forum...

Well over the last few months to about a year, I have been having these images of my other half and they become clearer when I open up, but dim out when I close. I have always known I "turned into a little girl" around someone I was attracted to, I didn't know it could mean I was a "submissive," but the more I looked into it, the more I felt like I fit in. I am not very good at playing complicated games when it comes to attraction - or even otherwise. I think people around me consider me naive but basically harmless, they treat me with care. I used to take this for granted, that I won't be hurt until I went on this forum which eventually resulted in me sustaining some trauma and I am still healing from it. I made myself vulnerable to the wrong people. 

Anyways, I have always been attracted to things like Jungian Psychology - and then there's this concept of the anima/animus. My animus is what I have been getting in touch with. He would be my "perfect other half." Of course, I think you can have more than one type of person you are compatible with, but yeah...I will share how I see my other half. 

He is calm, grounded, compassionate, loving and caring. He soothes me when I am in pain, when I feel like I am "on fire." He also wont be put off by my pain, my vulnerability, my darkness; he can take it, he can withstand any and all of it and there is a reassurance in him that I will be okay, that we will be okay. He is strong, stoic, not moved so easily, very reliable. I can melt into him and relax, he loves me infinitely. He is decisive of course, being the Dominant - but he will never want me to do anything I don't want. My desire and his desire merge together seamlessly. He barely says anything, but he doesn't need to because I hear him anyway, and he is more of a doer. Passionate, he wants me and only me, and sometimes it feels like he will swallow me whole. His grip is strong but tender, he can't bear to be torn apart from me. I don't know why, I always see him in a white full sleeved shirt - his style is elegant but clean and understated. Presence wise - he is bigger than me - even if not physically. He envelops me. I am more temperamental, excitable, child-like, I imagine all these wonderful things but he - is who I return to, he keeps me grounded. I feel safe and happy in his arms. He is fiercely protective even though his typical demeanor is more so calm and collected - but nothing evokes his wrath worse than someone harming me, even remotely so. He is quite angry inside, and it is easy to stoke. But he's not angry at me, he wouldn't subject me to that, and I can't easily make him angry, anyway. He is direct, transparent and honest - and it is soothing to me. Not "brutal" honesty no - his honesty completely puts me at peace. As I said before, I don't play games, I find them cruel actually when I am subjected to that. I prefer something simple and sincere. 

I have more to say but I think I will just end this here for now haha.  

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It's hard to write a list, as there's so much out there. 


  • Someone who makes me feel "at home" when I am with them, no matter where we are.
  • Someone loves me unconditionally - flaws and all.
  • Someone who is confident and trusting in me and in our relationship. I cannot stand fights over jealousy issues. 
  • Someone who supports all I do and all I want to do no matter what it is. I've had a few male friends tell me they couldn't handle it if their girlfriend's did some of what I do (modelling, fetish photos, pole dance), and I couldn't be with someone who didn't support what I love. 
  • Someone who's intelligent and educated, and passionate about their area of study as much as I am about mine. 
  • Someone who realises I'm capable of a lot but wants to be there to care for me regardless.
  • Someone who wants me for me. Exactly as I am. 


I don't focus much on small details because everyone has a different combination of things and that makes them special. But confidence, well educated, passionate, and being caring and supportive is so important to me. I've been in relationships where jealousy has been a problem before and it's toxic and upsetting for both sides. The lack of trust is just too hard to handle. My studied in science are so important to me and my ideal partner would have a passion in science too. It's been a large part of my life for a long time and I would like to be able to share that. And most importantly someone who is supportive and won't hold me back. My most recent relationship ended after two years depite me thinking he was my ideal partner and now that I have had that freedom I realised how much he was holding me back. I won't tolerate someone doing that again. I'm still young and still learning what I want and what I like. I'm exploring all kinds of things and an ideal other half for me would be supporting and encouraging and even joining in on those things. 

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