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Things a Mommy does ?


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Okay so I am trying to make a list of things Mommies usually does for their small kids. My idea is to give this list to mommy so she can be inspired and make me feel little by doing these things for me if she wants to.


I'm talking about small actions like "cleaning my hands and mouth after a meal", asking me to color something for her, hold my hand when we 're outside, etc.


Can you give me other ideas of small things a Mommy can do for her really small kid?


I hope you'll have new idea for meh !



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My friend has a 5 year old daughter and I spend a good amount of time with them.


Here's what I noticed she does:


-wipes mouth after meal

-holds hand in any public place (or carries her if needed)

-pushes in cart at store

-buys her small things at store if she's good, such as dollar store toys, candy, etc.

-orders her food for her

-draws on kids placemat at table

-cuts up food for her and prepares it on kids plates


I can't really think of anything else at this moment.


If you are younger than 5 I would say your mommy can:


-hold hand in public

-push in cart (maybe)

-wipe mouth and hands after eating

-help wash hands in sink

-feed you when wanting, or encourage you to eat certain things on your plate.

Maybe even say "you need to take __ amount of bites next".

-bathe you

-play games with you like I Spy or something while driving to keep you "occupied".

-have you keep your hands to yourself at the store, "hold mommy's hand"

-ask when the last time you went potty was, encourage to go before getting in car.


I hope I can help. I am just drawing a blank now lol

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Thanks bunbun!


that's this kind of things I'm looking for! ..  I thought she can tie my shoes or tell me to do it..


Lets hope you or others can think of other stuff. 

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