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Bad little/Girlfriend

Just a little one

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I don't understand how this makes you a bad little or girlfriend. Life happens. Things change. If we suddenly can't do something then we adapt and do other things. It doesn't make us bad or worse than we were before. It just makes us who we are. We're human and we change and adapt constantly. 


I can understand how it would be upsetting to be unable to play guitar any more since you were good and passionate about it, and also how it would be upsetting to struggle with other things you love. But it does not make you bad. 


Perhaps you could talk to your daddy and explain how it makes you feel when he talks about this other girl and gets excited to game with her. I know it's not the same but perhaps you could find some games that work through motion sensing like kinect games. Then you don't have to struggle with the controllers. Again, I know it's not the same but it's something you can do with him and it's harmless fun. 


And remember... you have plenty of other things you can do with him. Just becase you can't do a few things you want doesn't mean all the other things you can do with him are insignificant. You're not a bad little or girlfriend because you can't do two things. 

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You not being able to play the guitar due to a medical condition doesn't make you a bad girlfriend or little. It's a sad, unfortunate circumstance you have no control over. Don't be upset with yourself over it
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I feel bad because I don't encourage him at all I just get down or pull a face when he tries to pick up the guitar he lives at my house and I have 14 still. Surely I should support him no matter what.
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I don't think you're a bad girlfriend at all! I know it must be really hard for you to see your Daddy play guitar when you struggle. Maybe see it from a different perspective, do not think of it like he's doing something you can't, think of it as him doing something for you because he knows you enjoy it and have a hard time now. Maybe open up to him about that and tell him that sometimes you feel sad/salty about how you have a hard time doing certain things when he does it so easily. But even so, you can even try to incorporate yourself into the music in a different way! While he plays maybe you can sing or do a beat, you could encourage him to learn new songs and help him practice by giving feedback, you could even ask him to play a song that's been stuck in your head. It's not something you can't do anymore but something to incorporate yourself into in a different way!


Now about him talking about his female friend, that's tough too! I used to struggle with this a lot myself actually.

Learn to trust him and learn to know that you're awesome and he is with YOU! A lot of the times we let ourselves run with scary thoughts in our heads, idk if this is the case with you but if so, to stop this you can learn thought stopping techniques and make the bad thoughts stop so you can think good thoughts. It may sound silly but it 100% works!

Also you are going to need to tell him how you feel, he probably just doesn't realize. (Daddies can be so clueless, huh? haha) You need to tell him how you feel when he talks about gaming and stuff with that girl and why it makes you feel bad. 

Good luck to you, let us know how it goes!

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I do talk to him about how I feel he just says you're a silly bum and it's okay he doesn't quite realise that it really hurts that I cant do something I was great at he sometimes thinks he's better than most guitarists to which I try and put him in his place, I can barely do a starter chord now but I'm played big venues, made albums with my own songs, I know a lot about the history of music and guitars ect and he doesnt he just picks up a guitar and plays one type of music (metal) where as I could play most styles I was always varied and disnt ant to stink to one type. I just feel likev surely I should support him.
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First of all I can totally understand how you feel.

I also have arthritis that has stopped me dancing I used to be a ballerina. It's stopped me from studying and it got me down for the longest time. I was jealous of other people my age who didn't know what it was like and how lonely it can be. I finally got to a point with medication I can manage it and I've found new interests. I still have to manage my expectations and not push myself too hard.


Just because you can't do what you used to do does not mean you are worse or bad or a failure.

You are sick. It is that simple. You can't help it. It's like someone getting the flu and saying it's my fault I'm bad. That would be crazy right!


Please try to explain to ur daddy how you feel if it's hard to explain send him this




It is honestly the thing that helped me and others around me.


If you would like to be my friend maybe we could give each other advice idk.

You will be okay trust me I know how hard it is but you will find things that interest you and help you grow as a person and if those things are not the same as ur daddys that's okay.

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