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Getting Used to Having a Daddy


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My Husband agreed to be my Daddy on a trial basis to see if it was something he wanted to do long term. Yay hope! However I'm so used to slipping in and out of little space and taking care of myself I don't know how to give myself over to his care. How do I even begin? What are small things I can entrust to him to start out with and how do I escalate without overwhelming him? 

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This is very tricky. I've been in your shoes and I know the feeling of not wanting to overwhelm him or make him jump into things or even make him uncomfortable.


So firstly, have you done research together and answered his questions? I know you said that he's agreed so he must be fully aware what you ideally want out of a DDlg relationship and what it means to you? Has he done research himself?


Every dynamic is different so it's hard for me to tell you where to start since I can only assume what you want from the lifestyle so I'll list off small things that you could potentially start with.


Bedtime, he could tuck you in and read you stories.

Chores, you can tell him when you've finished your chores and he can reward you with a sticker or other reward.

Bath time, you can have a bath with lots of bubbles and he can wash you.

Big and little time, has he seen you in little space before? Maybe you two can do things you enjoy in little space.


I don't know if this will apply to you, but I've noticed a lot of people start off in the bedroom and gradually add in parts of the dynamic to their relationship. It seems to work well.


If the trial doesn't work out, don't worry. It's okay to be a little all by yourself, but I wish you the best of luck and hope it works out for you. :)

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Guest SifuTheWolf
Having him set your bedtime and enforcing it. Making sure you take any/all medications/ vitamins. Making sure you drink enough water each day, enforcing any diet you may be on.etc Just pick something and then begin adding to it. Stick to thingx that are important to you both.
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