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Hi! So I decided I want to try diapers! But I have no idea where to start and there’s so many options!

So I guess here’s some basic info of what I’m looking for:

- I have a Daddy who can help with the diapering part if that’s important?

- My little age is usually about 3

- I’m looking for something not too expensive. Like I could spend maybe $20 a month on them.

- I won’t wet or anything like that in them. They’d be more for aesthetics, I may use them during “that time of the month” though

- I’m plus sized so if there’s like sizes, that’s important

- I don’t need them to be descreet because I don’t have roommates

- I’d like them to be cute!



What do you wish you knew before getting your first diaper?

Is there anything else I need to get?

How often do they need to be changed?

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So I tried diapers for the first time back in January. I started with pull ups and progressed onto actual diapers.


Unlike you, I did actually use them for like wetting. So I guess you don’t have to worry about the issues that come with that, which is great because it means it will be cheaper for you where you won’t have to be changed constantly.


I am also plus sized so I worried about sizing as well. There are definitely diapers for larger sizes, but as far as cute ones it can be quite difficult to find them.

My Daddy has told me there are actual ABDL diapers but they are not cheap. I have used the Tena ones or the Abena. These do come for larger sizes but they are just plain diapers. Like I said before, I needed practicality not aesthetics. However, what I do find in the Tenas is that the material stretches and they get too loose and tend to fall down. This could just be a me issue though.


My diapers are about £24 a pack. So throughout a month it’s quite expensive since I actually use mine. But where you don’t intend to actually use them, it should be a lot cheaper for you.


What you could do is get a diaper cover. There are lots of cute ones that not only keep your diaper in place but make the plain ones look better.

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I saw a cam model with some on and it was a cute pullup and it seemed to fit quite well. There are several sites that offer discreet and attractive garments of such a form on-line if you google about...

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