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Friendship of 12 years down the drain


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Putting this in the "General Discussion" area since it isn't about anything DDLG...


So I posted not quite a week ago about being unsure if it was time to end a friendship I'd had for 12 years. Last night she got into with my family on Facebook. I'd made a post about something political (I'm not a political person btw; I just post stuff I agree with *shrug *) and she laid into me about it. Before long my brother and Mom joined the argument and I ended it by blocking her. Later on, I received an email where she said she'd felt this had been coming and told me how she felt about me and saw me now. She called me cruel, racist and narrow-minded :/ Which is... so not the case. But I guess that had been her perspective of me in the past few years. I want to be upset about this but I'm not. I miss what we had as children and I'm grateful I had her as a friend during some rough times... but I don't miss the person she's become... is that mean of me? She had constantly been laying into me about how I'm bisexual so I can't agree with certain things or people or I'm not bi. Just... a very confusing last few months I guess.

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Guest RobinHerrera

That stinks, but it sounds like you will be better off for it, so embrace the relief that comes with it, and move on.  I can beat you; I had to end a friendship I had for 41 years.  I had a similar feeling, where I thought I should feel bad, and yet I didn't.  Kind of felt like I had a weight lifted in a way. 

If she could not be accepting of who you are, then she need not get to be a part of who you are! <3

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Hey welcome to the club. I lost my best friend from hs because of this too. He was very very conservative in hs and I was super liberal. I became more right leaning as things have been getting out of control... and we have naturally drifted apart over the years due to me being chronically ill. I tried to get back reacquainted with him since I've been trying to do this with all my friends I've been not really there for over the years and turns our he's super liberal now... whatever I dont mind. We used to love debating each other back in the day so I thought we could now too. Big mistake. He dis the same things your friend did and blocked me. Told me to never speak to him again. I told him he knew I'm non of those things. He said I am because of my views on politics now.


Oh well. It takes time to get over but it happens.


As for sexual orientation you'll figure it out. A lot of my friends told me I was bi for years in hs and college and it really confused me. But I figured it all out eventually. I'm straight and always will be.


You'll be alright. Thoughts and prayers.

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Guest Aetherr
welcome to the age of intolerance, intolerant left and intolerant right it's all the same stuff, ignorant stupid people willing to live and die by the words of some man or woman that has little/nothing to do with them... the world is diverse and it takes many to make a world you just remember she was the one calling you those things and getting into fight with you over what you posted instead of talking like feckin adults... it dont feel bad about it your friend chose to believe what people told her to believe instead of talking to you and deciding 12 years wasn't worth differing opinions
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