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Can i change being a switch?


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So I have been in a ddlg\mdlb relationship for a while but recently she has brought to light that she cannot be mommy and she doesn't like to be but I dont want to leave her. Is there a way to either help her be a mommy or just stop being little all together?
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Guest Aetherr

if she doesent like being dominant you need to accept that, you need to discuss options with her and decide for yourself if being little without a dom is something you can deal with..

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One thing me and my little are thinking of trying would be you guiding them on things to do to you. They’re a natural sub whereas I’m a switch. They’re still really nervous about intimate stuff so it’s of course a slow process (which I’m completely fine with, I’ve got more experience and won’t force them into anything) but, since they’re scared, I’ve got to take control and what I do is show them/tell them things that feel good and encourage it. I also am considering, once they’re more ok with everything, trying different scenarios where I’m left a little helpless/at their mercy, and letting them toy with me how they want. It frames it as less of a, they need to be in charge and instead puts it as more of a, they get to decide what they do without as much input from you.


Remember at the end of the day though, you can’t change how your little is meant to be, including how they are in bed, just as they can’t change you.

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You might want to explore other switching dynamics- to see if there are any that work for both of you. Switching doesn’t necessarily mean full role reversal- there are other ways to change things up. For instance, if you’re partner is little, who doesn’t want to be a mommy, she might instead explore a “princess terror” role who bosses her daddy around? Or a “big sister” role?
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