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Gender Fluid Little Christmas Help needed


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So my little is gender fluid and normally that is fine because i love them no matter what.

i try, i really do.... i do my best to adapt to them sometimes feeling girly and sometimes feeling boyish. 

im sorry, but i cant see them as anything but my little Princess. I never understood the gender fluid thing and still don't but that's okay i don't need to. if Bun tells me Shes feeling more boyish today i try and say things like "Daddy's little Prince" and "Baby Boy" it always feels a little weird to me but i do it for bun, i really do try my best to adapt for them but  change is hard and adjusting takes time.


my question is this


I asked Bun to make me a Christmas wish list and on it they put "Cute Little Clothes (Not just girl clothes Daddy :p)"


So i really struggle with the whole Little Boy aspect of our Dynamic. Can i please get some help figuring out some good ideas for "Little Boy" Clothes because I'm not really sure what that would be. Princess Clothes are easy, Kawaii Dress, Bear Thigh Highs, Bows, ETC. I get that and I'm pretty good at that. But "Little Boy" clothes has me at a loss.


Please Help, Thank You!!!!

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Guest Bunnyblossom

Overalls (dungarees?)- short or long.

Cartoon theme patterned, neutral coloured, knee high or crew length socks.

Batman, spiderman, superhero themed t-shirts.

Boys onesies, for example: dinosaurs, space, pirates.

Oversized boyish hoodie or sweatshirt

Cute shorts?

Boyish pyjamas, I know a lot of littles who like spending their time in their pjs.


Girly things are definitely easier to plan or find, no doubt about it.

Which of course is not to say that girls can’t like the things listed above, which should be obvious but I don’t wanna be jumped for not clarifying. I used to purloin my older brothers’ transformers, so.

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