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ddlg vs. cgl vs. cglre????


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Okay, so I've been getting confused lately.  I just recently started a ddlg tumblr, one mainly for my littlespace.  But I've seen a lot of blogs that say dni (do not interact) if ddlg, cgl, kink, nsfw, etc.  Those are mostly from tumblr people who say they're cglre, which is like a nonsexual version of cgl.  But I've read on here and on other places, that not every little is sexual.  I don't really understand these different community distinctions.  Now, my daddy and I do have sex, but I'm not in littlespace when we do.  But we do still have sex and I still call him daddy during.  I'm just trying to figure out what all these different labels mean and what's what because I don't want to cross any lines by following someone who doesn't want me (as a ddlg person) following them.  What's the distinction between them and can a little in a ddlg relationship be nonsexual and isn't ddlg more than just a kink?

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People who say they are "clgre" are age regressors with a care giver, which is absolutely non sexual. I recommend you to get to know more about age regression. The very most ddlg tumblr blogs have a lot of sexual content which an age regressor makes feel uncomfortable or even triggered. Ddlg is considered a kink. Cglre is not. For the most its a coping mechanism for those who had a childhood trauma. 


Personally, I feel very uncomfortable around the sexual part of ddlg. Its hard to explain but I just react sensitive to sadism because of my childhood trauma. That's why I'm more around the sfw and cglre part of tumblr. I have sex with my daddy, but its out of love and not some kinky roleplaying.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that's not objectively correct.


If you ask anyone outside of the DDLG/CGl community what they think of age regression, they're nine times out of ten going to call it a kink.  Especially if you involve your partner in your age regression, regardless of whether or not there's a sexual tone to it.  It's exceedingly strange to me to see someone trying to create an artificial distinction between "age regressors" and "DDlg practitioners," considering that - by definition - all littles practice age regression.  You might be able to make an argument that the psychiatric community considers age regression to be a useful therapeutic tool and not a "fetish" by the standard definition of the term, but even if you were to you still have the fact that even sexual littles fall under the definition of AR.  The point I'm trying to make here is that it's a false dichotamy - different people might choose to express their AR differently, but they're all still AR'ing.


I also think it's kind of rude to be placing labels on why or how anyone sexualizes their age regression.  There are just as many Caregivers and littles that participate in heavy BDSM practices as there are that don't.  CGl and BDSM go hand in hand because they are both alternative lifestyles, but the overlap does is not a universal one.  It's extremely presumptuous of anyone to imply that the deep and loving relationships that many members of the CGl community have built for themselves are just "kinky roleplaying."


It's fine to not be interested in the sexual side of the community - just like it's fine for someone not to be interested in sex at all, or to be interested in it.  And no one needs to explain their interest or disinterest either way, because how we choose to develop our relationships with our partners is a deeply personal affair that is our own business.  But I would ask that you take a moment to re-evaluate some of the conclusions you've drawn here and reflect on why you make those conclusions, and try not to spread misinformation.  It's dangerous to other members of the community, especially to newcomers just beginning to explore this side of themselves.

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I didn‘t mean to sound insulting incase you picked it up like that! Obviously every little and caregiver has an unique relationship. For some its roleplaying and for some its a lifestyle.

Its actually news for me how you explain the difference between cglre and ddlg. I didn‘t want to spread misinformation. I even researched the difference between ddlg and cglre myselr before I replied to her to make sure I didn‘t mix anything up in my mind.

Anyways now I‘m confused lol.

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I dont really know who they're getting mad at either because I think you did fairly well at explaining what you meant, little.bee :)



@buddingclover, look, it's obvious that littlebee wasnt trying to attack anybody so I have no idea why you went off on them.


The people that are part of the tumblr CGLre community make it very clear that they are not part of the sexual side of cgl and only use it as a coping mechanism because of past abuse, etc. They made the community so they can distinct themselves from the littles that do regress for sexual reasons.


I dont know what I'm getting at lmao I just needed to rant because you came off super rude.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I'll declare which side of the fence I'm from from the outset. I'm from CGlre and over 18 (had to be in order to be here although that predates moves in my own life around age regression). We keep our regression - the state of being child-like - just that and there's no sexual or bdsm bedroom stuff in there

There are two worlds we reside in, the so-called real life one and the online. In general in real life we share spaces but know boundaries - we may play together  with toys or play games but we'd keep anything 'adult' to ourselves at any get togethers so you're being Cg/l and my being CGLre isn't an an issue UNLESS we're talking about minors which is an absolute no-no.

Online it's a lot harder  and we in CGLre do have minors we need to regress for trauma and the like too so as you'll understand it's not a good idea for those of you who are CGl to interact (and naturally vice-versa) because minors can't consent to 'adult' activities and there would big repercussion for you all if they did get exposed to them.

All the DNI talk you hear is about ensuring this doesn't happen and recognizes even as adults in CGLre, to cross tag or post with you increases the chance minors do contact yourselves. It's probably fair to say we have had problems with some - and you may be the super responsible ones here - who don't respect why this is so. We are tough on those on our side who fail to respect the rules to keep all including our minors safe too. That is paramount.

If we hated you, I for wouldn't be hear drinking my tea in your presence talking about this  and would of left the forum.

Hope this helps.

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It is quite interesting. I age regress due to trauma but I consider mine & Wolfy’s dynamic DDLG. We have dabbled in the sexual part & have found it it a huge trigger for me so now it is strictly non sexual.


All the labels are just to much imo I know everyone is trying to keep everyone safe but aren’t we all littles in the end.. the 18+?

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