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Littles Christmas bows


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I know, I know its early for Christmas, but I need to get this thought out before it fades. I was talking to a DD friend and was asking him to put a pink ribbon on his Christmas tree for all the littles that can't have christmas or don't have a daddy. I was wondering if others, caregivers, DDs, littles boys and girls, couples or single would also put a little pink or blue ribbon on their trees as an ornament?
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Maybe not for us littles without daddys lol. Some littles choose not to have a daddy and that's okay. For littles that can't have a Christmas though? Sure, that's a sweet idea. Pink ribbons for my pink christmas tree haha.

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I did mention singles and couples. I don't have a daddy either, but I have daddy friends. I've offered to make a bow and send it. As for not celebrating christmas, I don't. Many religions are here, but I know a good majority celebrate christmas, so it is a suggestion for those who will have trees.
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I love this idea! Daddy and I will definitely be doing it. This is the sweetest idea ever.

Yay! I'll have to show you my bow when I make it. It will be my first time making a bow and my daddy friend will put it on his tree for me, I hope!

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