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anyone up to write a comic?

Guest Mochibun

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Guest Mochibun



so uhm..I am being a little impulsive but well, I like drawing, I have recently (like, very recently) started studying animation in uni, but I have always loved manga and I like drawing little, very random, manga pages (without speech or anything) just for fun. But I haven't been able to draw anything like that in a long time due to university and personal things.


So I was thinking that maybe collaborating with someone who can give me some directions for a little story, maybe dialogues, help me out with the storytelling would give me the right uhmm...push(?) to make something new and fun ^^

I would love to make something like this, nothing ambitious and nothing serious, without any expectations whatsoever so don't be scared to contact me if you have little stories in mind and would like to see them uhm... developed into something more..I guess? lol I'm not a professional, as I said, please don't expect anything great haha


If you are interested I'll show you (privately, I won't post any drawings online, for now at least) some of my drawings so you have an idea of how it might turn out, we can talk on here or on some chatting app later on so updating you on my progress and overall communicating will be easier (if this really goes through XD).


AH. One more important thing, I'm not really up to draw ecchi/hentai things, please understand that I don't want anything embarrassing that could end up by accident in my school folders lmao :') also, altough I own a drawing tablet and I use it, I prefer traditional, so, since this is just something I am doing for fun, that is how I think I'll work (using ink, pencils, or watercolors, idk yet, it will be decided later on and we can discuss it)


THAT SAID I really hope someone will reply to this haha


This was kinda written in a rush so I apologise for any mistakes or typos and if something wasn't super clear or you have questions just ask me! I'll be happy to reply and discuss about whatever idea you might have and find a way make it work :)



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Guest Mochibun

Cool! I draw too and usually sell at anime cons. C: I'd love to see some of your work and possibly collab on something or art trade with you ♡


Oh dear, I'm really not that good, I've never actually even considered selling or sharing my stuff online haha... But I'd love to see your work *-* Or maybe even collab on something but idk if you even like my art ^^'

Maybe, if it's okay with you, we can share some drawings on kik, line or similar (any app is fine for me). As I said I'm not very comfortable posting stuff online..sorry TAT


Also if you don't mind me asking, if it's not too personal, what kind of comics/art do you like to make? c:

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Guest Mochibun

I also recommend getting Peter David's book "Writing for Comics." There are others, but that one is focused on writing comics and other sequential art forms.


Oh, but I'm only doing this for fun, my main focus is animation. Thanks still, maybe some other users will find this helpful too :)

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Might as well throw in another resource. If you are doing anything that is visual storytelling I heavily recommend Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. You might only be doing comics for fun but it goes into a lot of detail of what art is in general and covers a lot of things that would be useful for both an artist and an animator. Granted somethings apply more to you as an animator then others, but it is written in a simplified way and as a comic which allows it to easily convey its message. It helped myself in writing by just giving me a clear understanding of how certain things affect storytelling. 

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