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Stan Lee Appreciation Thread


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He’s touched a lot of people, in different ways. I know a lot of you are hurt by his passing. Feel free to post here about his affect on your life/how you appreciated his work.
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What he helped to create, and created himself was/is truly amazing..

Some of the greatest characters and comic books ever, came from his mind.

Those books and their characters, kept me company and inspired me during my childhood.

They made my life better.

Reading Stan's bulletins was like hearing directly from my favourite uncle.

His achievements in the world of creative fiction should never be forgotten.


Rest In Peace Uncle Stan, and thank you so very much. 


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I've worked with and met a lot of his crew (I never met him) and I've seen a lot of memorials and tributes. It's weird to see someone like him pass. He set a lot of standards, like the dysfunctional family of the Fantastic Four. Before him, comic books were cookie cutter and could be boring. He even has a writing style named after him. 


I'm going to miss seeing his silly cameos in the movies. I know he already filmed some, but there will be a day where we won't see any more, or we'll see CGI versions of Stan. I am a little sad, but I'm trying not to imagine when other guys I've talked to will die. Joltin' Joe Sinnott, Allen Bellman, Rudy Nebres, Mike Royer, all those guys from that time. I know it's inevitable, but if Stan's passing affected me even a little, imagine when they're all gone. It's not so much as a trigger, but Stan Lee and those guys set standards for a modern form of artwork. We won't have that sort of renaissance soon, possibly not in our lifetime.


Excelsior, Stan.

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