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Cute DDLG/CGL Story Topics


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Hi (\O.o


So I'm kinda bored and wanting to write some cute little one-shot, short stories that're DDLG/CGL based! Does anyone have any topics/ideas you'd like? I'll be posting them here on this thread :3

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Guest MoominPoppa
A bad girl who visits a town with a blue law that states she can avoid being arrested for shoplifting if she finds someone to take custody of her, even as an adult woman. She finds someone who agrees to it and thinks she is on easy street...but its more than she bargains for when she discovers just how serious her new guardian is about making her into a good girl, and that her status can't be retracted for a full year.
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Guest ~*BabyDoll*~

I know I am late on this, and I understand if mine is a little too cliche, but how about this!:

A guy was looking for a roommate and his friend offered for his girlfriends friend since she was looking for a cheap place to live. After the friend and the guy meet up and talk, they decide it's a good idea to move in together. They found a apartment that they both thought was perfect. He noticed how cutsie and girlish she was, also gave a bit of an innocent vibe from her. Shortly after they moved in together, he came home early from work one day, seeing her on the couch, watching a disney movie, with a stuffy, a binky, and a onsie on. Weirded out but curious, he accepts her and is willing to learn more about this side of her, since he was starting to fall in love with her.


It's really cliche, but I am a sucker for cliche kinda things hehe!

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