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Punishments for ldr relationships?


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I've got a couple of ideas for you!

1. Spanking. My Daddy has me spank myself and send a pic before and after, or film it and send it, or we're on video chat.

2. Corner time. This works for some people but it isn't my thing because it just puts me in pet-space and I end up enjoying it too much.

3. Orgasm control is a big one for me. My Daddy won't give me permission to orgasm, he'll edge me until I'm just ready to cum and then I don't get to finish, etc. 

4. Ice play. We've also used ice cubes before where I have to put one on my skin until it melts – it's even worse if that's near or on your princess parts! The ice is only for when I'm really really bad because I really don't like it. Also, make sure you do your research before ice play because you can definitely do some damage if you aren't careful.

5. Being ignored. I, personally, am never okay with a dom leaving me alone as a punishment. Doesn't work for me, makes me feel terrible about myself. I don't like it. But that being said, it works for some people. I've heard about setting a time limit, an hour or something, where the CG won't respond to their little. That's something you could explore.


Just remember to have a safeword and never be afraid to tell your caregiver if things are too much. A little's consent still matters!

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any ideas on punishments for me when I'm bad (90% of the time).

I'd love to have ideas from all of you!

Ps: I'm a sexual little

Thank u!

90% of the time LoL


Kneeling on rice for you.

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Guest Aetherr

one of thge things i used to do was make me first little put a hair band on her wrist and flick it, i like to catch my little out when she cusses or talks back to me and hearing her in pain was umm exciting

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1. Spanking: my Daddy makes me spank myself. He can hear it over the phone or he can see/hear it over video chat. If he's not able to call/video chat me, he makes me send pictures of my bum and he can see how red it is.


2. Position holding: I hold certain positions for an extended period of time. Daddy and I incorporate positions into our relationship both for sexual reasons and for punishment reasons. I know this is not for everyone but it works for us. 


3. Writing lines: I personally HATE this one, but it works, I can tell you. Have your Daddy give you a specific thing to write and write it over and over again. Daddy usually gives me 50 lines.


4. Kneeling on rice: We don't personally use this one but I see many other relationships use it. Put a few pieces of rice on the floor and kneel on them for a couple of minutes. This should not exceed 5 minutes because it could be very painful. 


5. Holding ice: Again, we don't personally use this one but I have a Domme friend who makes her submissive hold ice in her hand for punishment. It doesn't seem like much, but it can be very intense especially if you are cold intolerant. 


6. Taking away privileges: Taking away privileges such as stuffies or coloring can be a form of punishment that is very effective if you are a little.


7. Edging: Being on the verge of orgasming and not being able to. I hate this one. 


8. Time out: Staying in time out or the corner for an extended amount of time. Your Daddy can make sure you are doing this by watching you over video chat.


9. Soap in mouth: Especially if you swear like a sailor (like me) your Daddy can make you put soap in your mouth. 


10. Being ignored: I personally don't like this one because it really doesn't help my self confidence. It makes me feel awful about myself and to some extent, my anxiety and depression acts up. But, I know this works for others so I thought I should mention it. 

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