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Lonely littles


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Hey all.


I have been watching a few statuses (is this the plural of the word status? pls help a sister in grammar need)  

And i happen to see quite a lot of them about people (mostly littles!) who are depressed and lonely. 

Most of the times you will see them actually WISHING they had someone to talk to. 



You are lonely. 

You are sad. We get it. 

BUT why you are sitting there typing a status, with tears and boredom, when you know the problem and don`t wanna take action for it?

Don`t wait for friends to come. Get up and find friends. Even throughout internet. 

You are bored? This site is not only for flirt, its for friendships too. There are so many people, so many personalities, so many hobbies, likes and dislikes, try to talk to people...!

Don`t sit and wait like the locked up Rapunzel, for the prince charming to fight the dragons, the evil step mothers, climb the tower and rescue you from your boredom. 

Do things for yourself.


Don`t wait for people to add you. ADD THEM. 

Even other littles...! Some of the best times in this site for me, were because of nice friendly chatting with fellow littles. 

If i would wait to have a nice time only when i would find a daddy....fluff my life ! i would cry in my status a whole year now..!

They would perma ban me for excessive crying. :p



Go to the thousands of posts in this forum, open topics that their title seems appealing to you!

Read what others are saying, maybe you ll find likeminded people! 

Add them, do the first move, say hello, ask questions. Dont wait from others to interview you while you send 1-2 words as an answer.

No human relationship can last, when you dont put an equal effort for it to be built.

Share interests, phobias, recipes, pictures of cute animals, dreams, drawings... be kids! 


I see a huge problem in our days, with people being bored to interact with anyone, while at the same time they feel lonely, this is terrible.


And if you are sad, get up, put some music in your mp3 (yes i am stuck in 2000 ) select music tracks that make you dream, or feel positive, and go out. Walk, ride a bike... Go to nature, if you have something like that near you.

Exercise. Order a dollhouse miniature construction kit from amazon, learn a musical instrument, learn a language, start a dance class, start cosplay whatever makes your soul jump happily beneath your chest. 


Dont let the days and nights go by like that...

Fortune helps those who try. And writing a status is NOT an effort. Get up, do things.  Please. 







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Wait when did mp3 players become outdated? D:


Agree with your post. I think it's a real current age thing where people just like to post about their feelings, whether sad or happy.

The art of conversation may also be lost as even when those same people who status post about being lonely/sad are messaged.... there's no real substantive response back when friend requested and messaged. ><


I think you're also right in that people just need to find out what they like and what they want out of a conversation. It's okay to be sad and to express it and to want/have someone to talk it out, but sometimes people get stuck in that phase and mentality without trying to break out of it. I feel like being able to self-regulate emotions has been blown to the wind and is really something we all need to work on better at recognizing and doing (myself included).


Music. Yes! Making oneself artificially happy by playing happy music is soo good. Listen long enough and a genuine smile will eventually happen!

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