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Hey there !


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Hi, I'm new here.


I am a 19 year old Little from France, I haven't been into DDLG for long and never really had any DDLG experience but I hope I will meet some nice people around here.


I'm into cartoons and japanimation movies and stuff. I listen to a lot of korean and japanese music, I really like girlsbands. I love stuffed animals, candies, whipped cream and cakes. 
I'm a full time student majoring in British and American Literature and Civilization, please tell me if I make any grammatical or spelling mistake, I need to be the best I can at speaking English hehe. 


Well I guess that's it for my introduction, I hope I'll have fun and I'm looking forward to talk with you guys ~ 


(Hello les français, si il y en a quelque part par ici aha) 

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Hello Madeleine, and a very warm welcome to this site! I'm sure you will make a lot of connections here and be able to practice your English as well:). No grammar mistakes in your initial post! I also just joined here myself, although I'm a Daddy Dom with 16 years experience. Looking forward to connecting with you.


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Hello Madeleine,


Bienvenue sur le site. I would love to get to know you and hopefully improve my French in the process;)

Anyway I'm a caregiver with multiple years of experience and joined the site not too long ago. Looking forward to connecting with you

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