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Plus size littles


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Hi, Is anyone else out there struggling with letting go and being in little space due to physical attributes you have?


For example, I'm plus size, and Im 30, I've been plus size for most of my adult life now, I'm working on losing it but it takes time. In my heart I'm a little, about 6-8 years old, but I struggle with expressing my little space because everywhere I look online littles are shown as young skinny girls in late teens/early 20s, so not only do I feel too "old" for this, but due to my body shape, I feel like I can't really be a little. My Daddy says my body shape, physical attributes and real age have absolutely no bearing on my little side inside me, but I still kinda struggle with it in my head.


I hope I'm making sense here....does anyone else here struggle with this mindset too?

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Guest Lazerspewpewpew

Your Daddy is 100% correct but that doesn't change or invalidate your feelings. I know this isn't what you're asking but try and see yourself through his eyes. What is it about you he loves? Focus on the positive things, however much harder it is than focusing on the bad! Learning to love yourself is powerful. 

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Thankyou lazerspewpewpew, I might talk to him about adding that as apart of my little 'homework'. Writing down all the positive things he loves so I can shift my focus a bit maybe.
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I have never had really issues with my looks, so can't provide any first hand knowledge -> don't take my advice without critic :p


Your post still got me puzzled: why you even think your appearence? Yes, it is probably some selfconfidence issue and sort of whole point of your post but if I think any activity I really like doing, I easily get to this flow state where I just focus on that thing.


Liike, had I been sweating loads and being worried that it shows, I still forget the whole sweating when I get into with some activity. As then you sort of forget the unnecessary random stuff there. I'm still covered in sweat but I just don't care or see it as important on that moment :p


Soo, maybe try to do things that you really enjoy and that take your whole focus. Like I get easily bored and zoneout if I just need to listen to music. Where as if I dance, it occupies my brain lot more and I don't notice stuff around me anymore.


And the young girls? They may be kids, you are a real adult and therefore more deserving of the tittle of a little: kids can't be littles :p  I personally find it sort of funny that the stereotypical little is some ( almost ) child 8)


I think maybe you should express more of YOU, not just some little side. Do things you like, little or not. And forget what others do and how they look. I'd anyhow assume your little side anyhow is about you liking and being certain things and not you just wanting to look like some random online people. So, focus on you and ding stuff you enjoy :) Pretty sure you'll get to little space as a sideproduct of doing that.


( I'm all for loosing weight btw as that will help to make you healthy but think about this: there is chubby kids also, and at certain ages kids are supposed to be bit chubby even. And it is part being kid to have big soft cheek and all that :o )

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