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Seriously? Glitter?


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Okay so, my little has a service bunny.  Yeah, really.  I think there's bunny pics in the gallery...but anyway.  The bunny has the run of most of the house, is litter box trained for peeing but we haven't quite gotten the bunny to realize that her pellets go in the same place as her pee.  Not yet.  Well, actually...that's not true.  She realizes that they go in there cause she does it about half the time, but I'm pretty sure she thinks it's optional.  Anywho, so I tell the little one she's got to come out here and clean up after her bunny.  She comes out, see's the poop and happily exclaims, "Bunny glitter!  Awesome.  Oh, did you say there was something that has to get cleaned up?  What it is?"  


Then the coffee came out my nose.

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Bunniess <3


As serious note: you can try to decrese the amount of bunny glitter around with mainly feeding them so that the glitter produced in same time as they eat gets in to the correct area :p

Some also say that by just putting the glitter into the correct area, bunny will realise where glitter goes ( I'm not convinced, bunnies like to spread love and glitter ). And some don't let the bunny to run loose before it puts glitter to correct area: you give the bunny little by little more and more living area as long as glitter stays where it should.


One of my bunnies actually stopped glittering the house after the area was just for her, no other bunnies, so seemed like she was marking her territory from other bunnies with glitter...


But I think there is no such thing as glitter free bunny house :p Just adds more magic to life.

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I have a rabbit who's not free roam. He only goes out of his litter box when it's about marking his territory. Every so often I take him upstairs; he let me know early on where he wants his litter box up there so now I put the litterbox where he likes going and he's better about it but will still let some pellets out every so often to make sure people know it's his area.  :rolleyes:  Rabbit are super smart, so if they're not using the litterbox once they're trained (and spayed/neutered), it's for a reason.  ;)


Fun fact! Rabbit poop is great as-is fertilizer. So, feel free to use when it's planting season again!

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