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Vetting a New Daddy

Lil' Miss Dolly

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I've been single for a while now and decided to start looking for a new partner. I met a wonderful guy on Fetlife who is localish to me so I have been going through the feeling out process before diving in and it got me thinking... What do you guys do/look for when vetting a new partner? I always find it interesting to see how other people approach relationships in this lifestyle. 


What say you?! 

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Guest Naturalselectionissexy
I have to go through the pre-qualification checklist. That way the essentials are covered. Also making sure love languages match, personality types, IQ is sufficient, enough similar interests, and life goals are aligning. After that then feelings can come into play
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Guest CalmingEffect67

I haven't done this in quite awhile but when I was a member on FetLife I had a regime that I followed  whenever I found the profile of a person of interest (from the most important to the least).....


1.  Volume of Content - How much effort did she put forth in providing sufficient information to  pique further interest

2)  Location - (I wasn't interested in a LDR)

3)  Photos -  Did she include one of herself and are there more nudes than not?  (nudes are an automatic turn off)

3)  Her activities section - More revealing information about herself 

4) Interests and Compatibility  - Both in and outside the C/lg lifestyle


If everything still looked good, I would begin an introductory chat and go from there.

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