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I would like more rules, other than the bed time, ask before sweets, chores and no swearing. But i dont know how to ask. And id like my daddy to be more dominant. Like when i call him dude, i want him to correct me, and tell me to call him daddy. We are non sexual by the way. How do i ask for this? I really cant just bring it up, im to shy. So does anyone know any subtle ways of hinting that thats what i want?
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You need to ask him. Obviously, it is understandable that you are shy and don't feel like you can or should, but if you aren't getting what you need, then you need to ask for it directly. It might be a good idea to remember that people can not act or be more of something than they are. He might only be so dominating, and if you need more, being honest with him might be the best move.
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If you find it very difficult to talk about directly (as I tend to do) I suggest writing a letter. It may seem silly but you can get everything out in detail without the nerves of being face to face. Best of luck! 

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