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I'm new and questioning if I'm a little


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So I have been on a journey of self discovery these past few days. I love to research and read. I have been having problems in my relationship with my boyfriend we have been together for 3 years and haven't had sex in a year.I never really felt comfortable doing it and never had that amazing orgasim.


I new I was into stuff like BDSM I just didn't know which kind and the past two days I realize there is a variety. I always enjoyed how small I was and I never like being sexy I like being all cutesy.i live wearing floral print dresses and pastels. I have stuffies all over my apartment which thankfully my boyfriend doesn't mind and I even have 2 dolls.i enjoy tiger painting and drawing in my minion coloring book I always feel safe doing it.i like cutteling with my stuffed animals. I enjoy watching my cartoon from when I was a kid and even the ones on TV now like we bare bears and some of my favorite movies are cartoons. I suck at taking care of myself I even forget to eat.I guess I'm just really confused and I want to be honest with myself and my boyfriend. Maybe i have been in denial .

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