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Showing submission in public?


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This question is geared more towards dd/lg dynamics that are very much about D/s dynamic as well.

What are some ways that you show your submission to you daddy in public? Is there certain things he has you do, or you do to show your submission to him.. without it being sexual?

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My daddy and I have a rule that I have to hold his hand in public and accept forehead kisses (I don't like be affectionate in public). If I forget or don't allow forehead kisses he gives me a stern look. We don't discuss it until we are alone in our car. 


If I want something, I have to ask "do you mind if I get this? It's this much money..." It doesn't seem strange because a lot of couples share money so no one ever notices. 


Sometimes I even ask him to order for me at a restaurant. It seems like I'm shy but really I just like him choosing for me. 


I know those aren't super submissive things but it reminds me of my place.

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My daddy makes me hold his hand when we cross the street. Or in parkinglots. I have to ask permission to leave his side in public places. I'm not allowed to just wonder into a store alone. I'm never to go clothes shopping on my own. Or handle any sort of money whatsoever. My daddy has both mine and his bank cards that I have to ask for. In from of the cashiers generally in a sweetened little voice. I call him daddy in public sometimes. And if I misbehave in public then he will take me to the restroom and punish me if needed. Doesn't happen because I was raised by a stern mother who wouldn't even get to the rest room. My ass was tanned right in public so I'm generally a good girl. I have to order smaller child like portions. When out with daddy and have to ask special permission for pop as its an adult drink. I'm sure he will add more as time goes on.
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Guest QueenJellybean

my partner -- The Giant -- & i are just starting to review & revamp our rules, but we've always had some standard ones that extend to the public. 


i usually defer to His judgement. we're very much equals, so we discuss serious matters as a couple & He always hears out my side of the conversation, but for smaller things like making plans when i don't know our schedule well, what to make for dinner that week, what to order at a restaurant, should i buy myself this expensive bottle of lotion i don't need, i always defer to Him - including in public or when He's not around. 

i also usually don't eat unless He's got His food too, if we're out to eat, which is definitely a respect thing. 

i often hold His hand when we're out, or am touching Him in some way so He knows where i am. 

i take a little bit of weird pleasure at replying "i'll have to ask my (future) husband" when making plans.


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There are lots of ways. 


Asking permission is an obvious one. Can I go to the bathroom? Can I have desert? May I speak?


Physical positioning is another one. Having your LG sit in the back seat, follow two steps behind or sit on the ground while you use furniture. 


"Hands on" is another. Holding her hand is good but vanilla; taking her by the upper arm or wrist is better. Placing a hand on her neck, or in the hair... particularly when pressing her into your body. Playfully twisting an arm behind the back as well. 

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Your versions sounds more involved in pet play than anything. Or just pure submissive rather than a parent to child ratio. Don't get me wrong. Its interesting to read but out in public some of these may look more like signs of a domestic issue in this day and age.
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