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Silly dreams


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So, I think that we need a place to share silly dreams that we've had to give eachother giggles.


Last night I dreamt that I was getting a lap dance from a sexy hamburger. It was a Burgerking whopper with really shapely legs wearing fishnets. There was also a sexy cob of corn that was dehusking herself, and a hotdog that had really manly legs working the bar.


So, anyone want to share the silly little things that float through their heads at night?

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Guest Rainbow

My bff is coming for a visit soon, so I've had a couple dream variations of that lately. Last night, I was on what seems in waking as a Disney family vacation. I wasn't aware of that in the dream though, just that my aunts, cousins, mom and sister were there and there were Disney t-shirts for sale. I kept searching for my size and found a Hades one with felt flocking.


Then my bff is there and I go upstairs in the store to look for her doggy. He is a yorkie mix. I find him and his fur has been bleached and she has forgotten about him in a bird cage. Surrounding him are other abandoned pets, like chameleons and other small weird animals I can't recall now. I chastise her as I bring her bleached puppy downstairs.

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