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Hi all,,


I need some help...

It’s Daddy’s birthday this week and Christmas is coming up, I want to send him something.


We’ve only been talking a few weeks and we’ve not met yet...


What could I send him?

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Guest Bunnyblossom

You could make him a card, have a look for some ideas by googling or checking pinterest.

Colour in some colouring pages to send him.

Write him a short poem about the things you love about him.

If you wear a certain perfume (or deodorant I guess lol) spritz that on the note or card, or maybe even send some for him to spritz his pillow. You could get some cotton wool, spray that and incase it in a small bag and he could slip that in his pillow or dresser drawer, or even keep it in his car.

Print out screenshots of particularly sweet or favourite moments from your chat history. You could decorate it with stickers or something. If you don’t have a printer, you could just hand write them.

Put on lipstick (one that wil transfer well) and kiss a sheet of paper all over, then cut out each kissy mark and bottle or jar them and send him a bunch of kisses. He could keep one in his wallet or phone case or wherever.


That’s all I got, I’m heading off to bed and pretty tired ^^

Good luck though!

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