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Daddy in serious pain needs some help


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From what i see, there are issues that should be thoroughly discussed with a professional.

Things like depression and dark state of mind - whether this is triggered by a breakup or it was there beforehand, should be monitored by someone who is a professional, and if you want it dealt and done, you cant do this by discussing it with people from a forum, the full and permanent solution is not here.

So please go speak to a psychologist, do not feel shy, these are things that need to be discussed with him.


By going there, speak up your mind, explain and discuss what happened throughout that date-night. 

There are things / information that is kept from us, so we cant offer an opinion / advice as to what might have led to her deciding this sudden termination of the relationship.


And as harsh as i always am, i need to say that a fundamental reason of a little seeking a dad, is stability (especially emotional) and protection.

When you are going through rough battles with your self (such as depression etc) you cannot provide any of these i mentioned. 

So if a little doesn`t feel that you are a rock where she can rely on from the ....stormy waves of life (excuse my lame poetry :p ) she can`t feel there is any reason to stay. Of course daddies are people too, and they break and they fall on their knees, but i see your mind is battling with a lot of dark things, and these things keep you back from the man you are destined to be.

See it as a wake up call, get up, make an appointment, and start self development. 

Take your soul into your hands and make something wonderful with it, before you are responsible for another little fragile soul.


I hope you will be able to listen and understand and truly seek out help.

I believe that break ups some times are the slap in the face that we need to truly start fixing ourselves.

Dont see it as a loss, see it as an opportunity. As a chance. 

I wish the best for you.

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I hope you found people to talk to already. Also please seek professional help on top of everything else. You need as many coping methods as you can at this point but professionals are one major thing you should turn to also.



But I wish to tell you still:
no matter how bad it seems, it will get better. And deep down you know it too.

I think what you did, posting to the forum, was brave thing to do. Right thing even. You asked help when you knew you needed it.

If you have super dark thoughts and you think you can't go on, just think what you already did: you asked help, so part of you wants to get through this. And you will. Maybe you need a bit help there every now and then but that is okay. We all do sometimes.

So, if you think how bad those thoughts can be, also think how you still managed to ask help.  That is like the opposite of being helpless. It shows that you really try even it is incredibly hard right now. You are still hanging there. Things are falling apart around you, and still you keep hanging there, keep trying. That takes guts. That is courage. And that will make you survive.

I just wish to tell you: be proud of yourself. No matter how hard it is, you are still there even it's not easy.

Maybe it doesn't feel like it atm, but there is hope. You have hope. You will survive this even it hurts like hell and some of the time you think you could not go on. And still you will. Just like you have. And one day it will not hurt as much as it hurts now as you will get through this.

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As other two before me have stated, you're, no doubt, a truly brave man by asking for help. 

I wish, ALL men, including myself, did seek help when things start to get you down and when you start to feel there's no light in sight. 
Hang in there my friend, be strong, talk to some caring friends or continue talking about it  here. Trust me thing will get better.
There may be someone better waiting for you and this may have happened for a good reason.

Part of being strong is seeking professional help, helping others in similar situation and distracting yourself by keeping yourself busy with doing what you really love and never had the time to do it. 
You will be in my and many others' thoughts and prayers and we look forward to continue hearing from you as to how you're making out. 
Best wishes! 

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I seen this and felt I kinda had to say something I had something like that myself was even together over a year and all to ,talked about a future, kids ,marriage, things I had fully before her decided that I'd never want for reasons ,but she changed my mind ,but after year and months and months ,up and left one day and tried to make me hate her instead of just talking ,its just over a month and a half later now ,still very much hurts ontop of everything else, but you aren't alone I want you to know that ,others feel what you feel so they do understand ,they do know walk in your shows and feel all that you do but people understand , what others have said is 100% correct bottling it up will never help I did for years and this last thing really broke me ,I got professional and help and still am now for a while I probably still will ,but you are cared for and loved bye people, who want you around , keep your head up and moving forward it may be dark right now ,but there is light its just waiting for you to come across it again ,I know at times things can be hard ,but don't give up your doing so well and so many would be proud of you to ,get the help you need and what is best for you :) feel free to add also always here if you need a chat ,




Anyways I wish you the best none the less

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