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Tips for telling daddy about little space;-;


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So one year ago my daddy introduced me to ddlg Bc he knew i am a little ( as I found out over time and research ). I tried my best to get to know everything I read many things and even found out that one of my friends is a little too.


But now that I know so many things I also got to know my daddy is very different.


He doesn’t even know about little space and big space. He isn’t doing anything like giving rules or punishments or helping me with little things like helping me dress or tying my shoes. Putting my seatbelt on, play with me....


First I thought maybe he’s just different? But then I wasn’t sure anymore Bc all he does is calling himself daddy other than that it’s like we’re a normal couple. Which wasn’t good for me Bc it’s been so long since I was really in little space.


So my question is: What do I do ?

I know it would be best if I’d talk about it but I’m just too shy and embarrassed to be like “this is how it should be” or blah...

please help >.<

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Hi Nini, welcome to the forum! It can take a little while to settle into a dynamic that you're both happy with and your idea of talking about it is already a good start :) If you find it difficult to bring it up out of the blue, you could use a prompt like a post, a picture, a video or write him a note/letter to get the conversation started! Keep in mind that it's a prompt and that a dialogue still has to follow, but maybe it can help? I would also approach it with the classic "I" statements: "I would like more structure to our dynamic", "I want/need littlespace to feel comfortable", etc. Make sure you ask for his opinion when you're done! It can be a bit scary but it can go a long way in filling your needs within the relationship.


Best of luck!

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You seem very intelligent for noticing that your 'daddy is very different' and that 'all he does is calling himself daddy other than that it’s like we’re a normal couple'. This is often true for just about most, if not, all relationships.

A percentage of participants do not often have a clue of whatever they call or consider themselves as. However, as long as the other partner accepts him/her as one, it doesn't pose no issue in the relationship. In those situations both partners imagine to be in a relationship that they are not. 

In your case, since you have started to question it, it's best that you help your 'Daddy' become the Daddy that you expect and deserve.

To that end, as in the case of asking the boss a raise, catch him in a good mood, ask him how he has been enjoying the relationship as a 'Daddy', and if he can think of any changes that would help the relationship get better. Once he is finished, suggest what, in your opinion, would help you, as a little, enjoy being a little fully and state your case, point-by-point, politely and gently, follow up on it and continue working on it until you're satisfied with your new and improved Daddy. 

Best wishes! 

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Guest ~*~Sachita~*~

Sometimes people just like the nickname, and that doesn't make them a caregiver.


Men often feel attacked when a woman offers constructive criticism, so take it very slow. Try to start sentences with "I feel..." versus "You don't..."


If I were you, I would ask for a time to discuss the relationship. I would prepare a short list of three, easily achievable tasks for Daddy to incorporate into the relationship. I would ask for ideas about things I could do to improve the relationship. And I would ask for a review of how things are going at a later date, maybe a month.

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this REALLY concerns me and makes me think he's verbally abusive to you and that is not healthy whatsoever. You should not be called stupid or gotten mad at because you voiced your opinions.

yeah.. this did sound pretty offputting.i hope it isnt as bad as it sounds..

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