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Little feels weird


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Hey, my little is very new to DDlg, but I have been interested in it for quite sometime so I have explored it and gained some experience. She always fell asleep after little time but a few nights ago she got kicked out of littlespace due to a certain topic and told me she felt weird due to the change in character. I tried to search this topic on here but I couldn't find something. All I need are opinions.

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Guest Fancysir

Talk to her about what triggered her out of little space.  Reassure her that it is okay and she has done nothing wrong. Practice going in and out of little and big mode with her.  Some littles can go back and forth quickly and with ease.  Get to know what helps trigger her into little space and have those tools handy for when you see her slipping out of it.  Also, discuss the possibility of other characters with her. Many littles have more than one character...some have several...I've seen as many as 7 with one of my partners.  Maybe she can slip into kitty mode or something when little mode is working.  Best of luck and keep us posted.

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We were talking about cute things she likes and she started getting into little space. Then the conversation took a turn into academics cause she wanted to explain something and that kicked her out of little space.

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Guest strawberry milk

I'm not surprised that she would slip out of littlespace if you started talking about very big things. I'd do the same! I agree with Fancysir. Talk to her about it and reassure her there's nothing wrong with going in and out of littlespace, even if you're doing a scene or having a moment etc. She shouldn't have to feel pressured to present as anything if she doesn't want to.

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