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Christmas Gift Help?


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I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on Christmas gifts to get people, I am really struggling with a few. I know you don't know them, but they are impossible to shop for and I am clueless this time around.. here it goes:


Grandpa: He had a stroke and is in a nursing home now, I have NO idea what I could possibly get him. He has physical limitations, and is about 80. I used to get him just a nice bottle of wine for the dinner table, but I can't do that any longer since he is not in his house.


Brother: 18 years old. Likes nerdy stuff, video games on Xbox but is very picky, and is super picky about clothes as well.


Stepdad: Also disabled, can't really walk so no tools or outside working type of stuff. He likes star wars, he chats on the computer a decent amount, and the majority of his hobbies are sleeping and watching TV. He never wants anything, so idk what to do.



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Guest FirmHand

Hmm well as you said I don't know them but I hope these suggestions might inspire you.

Grandpa: You know i'd bet all he really wants is to see his grandchild. Perhaps you can make him a ticket book of "Pixel Kitten Time". Whenever he wants to see you he can give you a ring and turn in one of the tickets.

Brother: I find for super picky people gift cards work the best. Some people shy away from giving them because it looks lazy. I think he might really appreciate an amazon/gamestop gift card where he can choose whatever game he wants.

Stepdad: Hmmm, maybe some form of star wars memorabilia? Some star wars stickers to place all over his computer or a figurine to go the desk.

Hope this helps, cheers!

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Guest Bunnyblossom

Grandpa: Does he like any old fashioned candy? Mine loved old fashioned turkish delight- no chocolate, no fancy packaging just the good ol’ fashion corn starch coated pieces. Anyways, old fashioned candy. Maybe a pillow speaker if he listens to his radio or music before bed? An LED nightlight for his bedside table?


Brother: Giftcard for whatever game store he uses most- playstation network, xbox marketplace, EB games for e.g. but make a card by hand and write the code from the giftcard onto it to personalize it. That’s what we do for relatives for xmas with itunes and xbox gift cards. :heart:


Step dad: Star wars PJs/boxers and socks maybe? Some kinda novelty USB powered device, like a mug warmer, LED light or something. If he doesn’t really want anything, then funny or novelty gifts are sometimes good because people don’t generally buy those things for themselves.


Whatever you choose I’m sure they’ll be thankful for, but good luck with your xmas shopping. :heart: You’re 5 steps ahead of me already ^^”


Edit: there weren’t any replies when I started writing, so pls forgive dupe answers.

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 I think the suggestions above sound great.


 I would say for Grandpa you could gather family pictures and have them printed and make him a photo album/scrap book. Maybe have the members of the family write a fond memory of a time spent with him next to a photo. Depending on how he feels and his memory, he could tell you a story about some of them too.

 Maybe find out his favorite movie and get a copy and watch it with him on laptop or tablet if he is up to that kind of thing. Or maybe see if the nursing home has a movie night and ask if they would let you supply that movie so everyone that wanted to could enjoy it. I know some do that.


 Brother, I agree gift card or maybe the same thing I will recommend for the stepdad. Check out newegg and see what you can find. Its a geek wonderland with any and everything from stuffed toys to collectibles in their Hobbies and Toys section. I'm sure you could find both of them something or maybe a gift card from there.


I hope you find the perfect gifts and have a merry Christmas

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Aw man shadowrider totally beat me to it!


I was going to suggest a nice hand-made and handwritten card to your grandfather with a picture of you/your family in it along with life updates (even the non-monumental ones). Something he could hang up and admire and read/look over often and for the home staff to use as a talking point for him.


Fourth that on the gift card for your brother. Money is everyone's best friend!


Stepdap: An ergonomic keyboard/mouse. But those can be pricey. So maybe just one of those gel pads for both? Carpal tunnel is a thing. Or like one of those monitor screens to reduce eye strain!

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