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Questions from a new diaper lover


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Guest depth_of_field_ddlg

Depends on what you're "shy" about.


But in general, if you're just starting and having a hard time getting comfortable enough to use them, there are a few things you can do.


Pee doesn't have to be gross. Some bodily fluids are, and its ok to have sensory issues, but urine for the most part is sterile, and people tend to forget that it's just the water *you* drank in *your* body a few hours ago. Why be ashamed or grossed out for something your body naturally processes? You should thank your body for doing such a good job at...doing it's job!


Try slowly using your diaper in different rooms of the house. You can start with wearing them while sitting on the toilet, then standing up in the bathroom, then move to the bedroom and use them in bed, or stand next to your bed. Gradually make your way into more and more public areas, like in your car, getting groceries..ect and by that point, you probably won't be as shy about wearing/using at home.


Sit and think why you like them. For many, it provides a feeling of security, warmth, and like a "hug" around your waist. You can "let go" in a very visceral way, and it's an excellent tool for feeling little. Really tough to feel big when you're slowly wetting your pullups. I think it really adds to the little dynamic.


While it may seem taboo...I can assure you that there are a lot of littles who enjoy them, even if they don't say it publically. Not every daddy/little will like diapers, but the ones that do really embrace them and have a really great time incorporating them into your little play.


There are a zillion cute patterns of adult diapers now, and a good site is ABU https://us.abuniverse.com/ (NSFW). There are a ton of other ones, but they have a good assortment of diapers, and aren't sketchy. 


As far as hygiene, find a nice thick cream that you're not allergic too, that works as more of a barrier cream, like Destin. Don't overdo it with the baby powder. Change often and try not to get a rash, and get a gentle soap for your genitals when you take a shower. 

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You may find it easier if you drink a lot of water beforehand (about 1-2 hours) - slightly more than you usually would - as it’ll be much easier to let go if you feel you really have to. So long as it’s not going to keep you up at night, caffeine is a diuretic (will make you need to pee), so a large cup or coffee or tea or Diet Coke can also be helpful.


Then, I’d say advice like depth of field’s is very good. Start by trying in places where the fear of a bad consequence is minimised (Eg sitting the loo; standing up in the bathroom etc.) until you are used to it, and know you won’t leak. If you’re hoping to use them at night, you may consider getting some kind of cute mattress protector (or at the very least put a towel down, as a short term solution)- again, not so much to protect against leaks but to make you feel relaxed enough that if you do leak, it’s okay.


Remember, at the end of the day all of us were born knowing how to use diapers - so it’ll come naturally soon enough ;)

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