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Hi, I'm a new Daddy and I was made aware of DDLG. I just have a question about setting rules, benefits, and disciplines for my little. We have set some but I mostly looking for what others are using and what works the best for them just to get some ideas.
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Guest Bunnyblossom

There's a post with peoples rules. punishments, rewards etc. 



But hopefully some others can provide more information and their routines with planning rules, rewards, punishments and funishments (if you're into those). 


Personally i write out lists for each in a journal and negotiate with my DD about rewards and punishments before we write the final lists.


I'm planning to make some 'flash cards' with different chores, tasks and 'to do' lists on them. Then coat them with laminate, or in my case clear book cover adhesive. Because then I can tick things off using whiteboard marker and present it to my DD at the end of the day (when I normally fill out my sticker chart), and reuse them the following day. 


You can make separate cards for things like homework or study, chores, selfcare, and Little tasks.


The way my sticker chart works is that I (used to) get $1 per sticker acquired, and then we tally it up at the end of the month. 

However, this year I'm going to be exchanging points for things like Daddy time, watching a movie together, go to the park- things that we can do together or that I'd like to do that don't have to be based on money- because unfortunately for my Daddy, I try to be the best LG that I can which became expensive for him fast. ;) lol (even though I insisted from the beginning that he made it 20c per sticker).


Here are some examples: 





Make your bed when you get up, spend your time elsewhere during the day.


Facemasks (clay, mud, charcoal, peely kind) 

Brush your teeth

Brush/style your hair

Paint your nails

Take vitamins if you need them

Light exercise or stretches


Some Littles (or humans in general) can find themselves in a funk or depressed, so simple tasks involving selfcare go out the window. Daddies help keep us in check.







Put all dirty dishes in the kitchen, wash them.

Pick up after yourself throughout the day.


Feed pets

Plan meals for the day

Empty the trash/recycling

Start or continue a project (which you can help them choose) to add productivity to their day, if they're not already a busy Little.


Run errands- Let Daddy know when you're heading out, and when you get back.

Take before and after photos of your tidying to show Daddy


You could have specific things for them to wear while they do chores, if that's something you and your Little are interested in. Like a cute apron and gloves, or a maid outfit. 




Discipline isn't really my forté however, but I'm 100% certain there are some Daddies, Mommies or Littles that can give great advice on that aspect.

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