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I just got my first teether (a pink water-filled Minnie Mouse one) today and was wondering how many other Littles like teethers? I think they're great for people who like chewing stuff (me) and also for if you have a wisdom tooth coming through. They're rather therapeutic, i think. Anyone else a teether fan? Any opinions on what the best kinds are?
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Guest CaptainAmerica97

Well I like chewing stuff when I am concentrating on something but I don't know if I am into the teethers or not. I have not tried them. 

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I don't like to use them long term because they make my teeth hurt and can mess up your teeth pretty bad if you use them long-term. I will pose with a paci for pictures, but they're nothing more than an accessory to me.
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Guest JasmineStarshine

I loooove my teether  I've found that MAM makes really comforting ones even though they were designed for actual infants. 

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