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Lonely Little


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Hihi! I need help pwease...


...h-how do you cope with loneliness?

I don’t like it!

I’m sad, and lonely, and just want a friend that understands me, or a daddy/partner to hold me and play and laugh...


I’ve never felt this low before.

Please help :(

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Guest Paul-Ddy

Depends on the situations you might be having....once you hit rock bottom, the only thing left for you, is to go up!

You can talk with ppl here, on the chat, on personals or any ddlg topic to help you, big you and little you both. And eventually, all this thoughts and moments will be a memory! talk here with me or anyone who might be giving you a message!

Cheer up, lil cupcake!

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LittleInNeedx, we ALL, including Daddies are lonely at times. However there are always ways and others to help deal with it. 
I'm glad that you're not afraid to reach out and know that other littles and Daddies will help you out. However, you're welcome to talk to this Daddy anytime without worrying about being judged or feeling shy.

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I doubt im close enough to hold you but if you'd like iv been told im good to vent to. Always happy to listen to and help someone in need. I know the loneliness first hand so i hope you start feeling better. 

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sometimes to cope with loneliness, i usually watch movies or read because i feel for the characters or like i feel less lonely because there are those characters around? if that makes sense? or i distract myself from these bad feelings by doing other things that i enjoy! 


i like watching silly videos too and it helps alot to keep myself busy, like exercising. 


but most importantly i think you should reach out to someone! even if it's online (like on here), it helps alot!


i do hope you feel better soon though. loneliness is an icky feeling but you'll get through this! im sending you lots of love and positive energy! 

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To deal with loneliness I cuddle my bears and take time for me. I dance a lot too because I need to concentrate on movements and so I can't think about others stuffs. You can search a sport or an occupation like drawing ?

Sure you can text someone here, it helps. I know it can be difficult when we are shy but we have a good community! 

If you need to talk, you can text me also.

Take care of yourself ^^

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