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For CGs with littles who get scared


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My little has a habit of watching scary things before bed and then has trouble sleeping. As her CG, its important to me that she gets plenty of sleep, but its also important that she feels okay. The other night she broke daddys rule of no scary things before bed. She told me, and I was understanding (sidenote: also very important to do that. They're already scared, no need to make them feel worse). But more importantly I stayed with her until she was ready to sleep. But as a CG, make sure you're laying down solid rules about these things and make sure your little can understand them, and understand why. Just thought I'd share.


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This is so cute, I'm glad you handled it well and explained to her exactly why the new rule was in place etc; so many littles come on this site with stories that their Daddy has yelled/punished them harshly for breaking rules without explaining said rules or even listening to the littles side of the story so this is nice to see :) Also this is random and I'm sure you've probably already thought of this and discussed it with your little but if she really has a hard time staying away from creepy things at night time I know alot of streaming services (if that's what she's using) have parental controls etc; so might be worth looking in to?
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I really liked how you handled the situation. It’s really important not to make the little feel worse about herself because she already feels bad for breaking a rule and she already feels bad because she is scared. Being a CG now and a disciplinarian later is the best thing to do in this situation.


I’m glad you were able to stay with her and comfort her until she was able to go to bed. Very good choice and reaction on your part.

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