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Little seeking help


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hello... im a little in a relationship looking for advice on something, specifically from other daddys or caregivers.

Im in a very happy relationship with my daddy, but i have issues with my self esteem (which seems to be a pretty big thing for littles. we are very sensitive :p)

I was raised by my dad who partakes in an open relationship. I have no problem with polygamy, however, being raised by openly polygamist parents, i have this natural feeling that by not wanting an open relationship, its a problem with me and my mental health. I get very anxious that my partner would prefer to open our relationship, and have an idea in my head that im sure is false, that all couples want to have an open relationship. Do i need to cool down and work on my own mental health more in order to feel more okay with this? Or am i valid in having a natural personal aversion to an open relationship? 


plz help me, its been eating away at me for a little while now <3

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Guest FirmHand



I'm sorry you are going through all of this. I think that the best thing for you in this situation would be to talk about it with your Daddy. Communication is essential in our world and i'm sure your Daddy would love to ease your fears. The best case scenario, he doesn't even want a polyamory relationship. The worst case, he wants one but you express your dislike of the idea and he accepts it. Also there is nothing wrong with having self esteem issues. That's what your Daddy is there for! To tell you how perfect you are and make everything better.


While I am always an advocate for seeking professional help for mental issues this one seems pretty easy. If you search the forum you will find a few topics in which the question of polyamory relationships is brought up. Littles seem to favor monogamous relationships. You will see a lot of "It's my Daddy and i'm not sharing"! There is nothing wrong with either relationship but it is perfectly healthy for you to prefer monogamy. Speak to your Daddy and let him know your feelings and i'm sure everything will work out wonderfully. 


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