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  1. 1. How Familiar Are You With BDSM?

    • Never heard of it?
    • I'm aware of it. It's people who like pain, right?
    • I've watched shows or movies, or read books where BDSM scenes occured.
    • I have researched it. I've read about the basics, protocols, and know what a scene might look like.
    • I have experimented with BDSM.
    • I regularly top or bottom, or I am dom/sub.

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So I was fairly well versed in BDSM through research online before I was introduced to DDlg by a friend who is a little. Before figuring out that I'm a middle, I wasn't 100% sure I was into the lifestyle because the impression I'd been given of traditional Doms and Masters wasn't pretty. Daddies aren't just hard and rough all the time, they can be playful, gentle, sweet, and kind not just strict and harsh. That's the main thing that drew me to Daddy Doms as opposed to Masters and Doms.


To learn more about my little side, the lifestyle, and different kinks I've been involved in my local kink community for 9 months, and it's the best decision I've made. I've gained a lot of confidence, met some amazing friends, and learned so much. It's great being able to ask questions without feeling silly and to be able to be myself without hiding or censoring my little side. Also, there are a lot of freaky people in the midwest, I love it and I love being one of them lol. 

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I've been aware of BDSM and somehow involved in the community of DDLG since I was fourteen, and I thought that it was mainly BSDM (thinking it was mainly about dominance, submission, and bondage- and believed that was only sexual). It was only recently, when my girlfriend and I started to adopt a Caregiver/Little dynamic, that I discovered BDSM is also non-sexual, because the care-taking role of the Caregiver is still dominance, and the Little being fairly dependant on the Caregiver is still submission—it's still power exchange. I found it very interesting. And while I've discovered more about it, I still don't know all the ropes yet (thus why I'm here!). 

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Guest SugarNSpiceSam

I know about it and researched quite a bit about it. Everyone has different things that their into. Talking to your partner is always important and trust is the key eliminate in BDSM. The same goes for DDGL relationship. Trust is always important in any sort of relationship though. I'm glad I joined here and learning new things about both lifestyles. This is all quite interesting to me and I want to learn everything and feel comfortable about different kinds of dynamics and lifestyles. Everyone has different lifestyles that their into and don't feel comfortable with everything. That's why finding someone who fits what you're looking for important. You will feel very comfortable with that person and experience new things along the way. Different couples has different forms of rules, control and what they're comfortable doing with their partner. :) Learning is always best for beginners and anyone who wants to try different things. So you feel completely comfortable and safe with your partner.

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