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Are there hints that you're a little?


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I don't know if I'm a little or not tbh. Last year, i want to explore this but i didn't know if I'm really a little or a switch. So, i kinda just felt out of it since i don't think i'm into it i guess? But idk anymore.


I noticed that i'm really clingy, a bit of childish, and like always want their comfort and i always feel safe when I'm with them. But i feel like that ain't it, until out of nowhere i unconsciously talked like a baby towards my friend when she did it. At first it was in a jokingly way, but i was still doing it unconsciously and i stopped it immediately when i noticed the way that i talked.


Please help me i'm really confused and i just wanna figure out this thing.

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Hello, I replied to your other post, but I'll comment here too!


You don't have to feel little all the time to be a little. Many littles have jobs and have to act like adults during them. Or they only feel comfortable being little in private and are perfectly mature adults outside the house. Some littles even have children of their own and have to be adults when taking care of them. So if you only feel little occasionally or only during certain circumstances, that doesn't mean you're not a little.


Maybe that one friend just brings out the little in you? A switch would mean you not only enjoy being little, but also being a mommy/daddy (sorry I don't know which gender you are!) to another person.


Signs you're a little could be talking in a higher pitched voice, wanting to use a sippy-cup/child size utensils/a pacifier, reading books aimed at very young children (i.e. Little Golden Books), wanting to look "cute", enjoying games for children, watching kid cartoons, eating foods like gummy bears or chicken nuggets, etc. But you don't have to like all these things - they're just examples.


Only recently did I realize I'm probably a little, but I've been doing "little-ish" things my whole life. Even when I was a teenager, I would sometimes privately play imaginative games outside most people would've grown out of at age 10. As an adult, I've gone hiking in the woods by myself, and in the privacy of the trees I skip and giggle and clap my hands and squat down to admire a flower or a bug - things I cease immediately if I think I hear someone coming. Are there any "childlike" things you do when you're alone?


Hope this helps! But remember, a label won't change who you are, so if you're still unsure, just live with it until you have more experience and a better idea.

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