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People pet peeves? Idk?


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My ex deleted his profile on here because he said a lot of the women in particular were super, well desperate and such and I thought he was being dumb but just going through the site today I saw so many profiles with girls being completely desperate for a man and some even putting out stuff like “horny and needing a daddy” or “I’m bratty and need someone to punish me ;)” or “I’m a brat looking for my daddy” etc you get the jist. But I just??!? Idk?!? Like I’m looking for a man too but some girls just UGF whY youre only gonna get fuck boys with stuff like that so what’s the point! Sorry I’m just tired and idk! I just think some of the girls on here need to dial it down a loootttt
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Not sure what is the point of this post or what it tries to gain.


But just consider how it makes competition over the decent dudes easier: they are not into desperate ones and therefore you stand out in really good light? XP


Anyhow, I think people are in different states of life, sometimes people just want someone or have umh... interesting ideas on how to meet possible partners. It is not great if they harm themselves in the process but we all need to do our learnings, I guess.


And it is not wrong being horny or wanting just roleplay or have a fling. Maybe it is their thing. Or hopefully is, and not something that is less likely to be found with the methods they use.

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It's kind of a Goldilocks thing.   ;)


I had taken my nighttime meds already last night and probably should clarify this some.  I don't think many people are going to disagree that some of the ads sound desperate and some need to dial it down some.  Unfortunately, everyone has a different definition of what desperate looks like or what the appropriate place to set the dial is.  So, you're going to get people who 100% agree with you, and then go ahead and put out an ad that makes you and I both cringe.  About a week ago I was messaging a new friend on the site and said:




I read through these personal ads here and I get scared for most of the people behind the ads – Daddys as well as littles. First and foremost, ours is a relationship between two adults. Into that relationship, we bring our Ddlg dynamic. I have no problem with my little coming up to be with that pretty-as-you-please pouting face to try and entice me into bending whatever rule she wants to get around – but that's negotiation Ddlg style in a stable relationship. Negotiating HAVING a relationship, is something completely different. 


Too often I open an ad and read baby talk. I understand that little is part of who you are – but it's not suppose (imo) to be all you are if the body carrying that little around is entering a relationship with an adult.  Which means, if your 'about you' section of your ad explains that you love stuffies, coloring, glitter, unicorns, anything Disney, bunnies that poop glitter, cuddles and attention...and include nothing else – then congratulations, you just described every little in the world.  Worse, at least one 'daddy' is going to respond, “OMG, you sound perfect!” ~facepalm~  What could possibly go wrong?

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