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A Big Little Activity List


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*glitter*   :heart:  *glitter* Activities List  *glitter*  :heart:  *glitter*



-Make a storybook

-Make a touch and feel book

-Make a storybook using stickers for all pictures

-Make an animation flip-book


-Make behavioral charts

-Make cute paper airplanes

-Make paper kite

-Make card for Daddy

-Make popsicle stick house

-Make popsicle stick / paper puppets

-Paint rocks, shells, acorns, or pinecones

-Make a pincecone monster

-Shrink plastic charms (165c for 2-3min)

-Scavenger hunt (collection)

-Scavenger hunt (photos)


-Make a palm tree fort, or some other tree fort

-Climb trees

-Coloring book

-Coloring book (with "Color with me" video)



-Play Doh


-Toy/stuffie photoshoot

-Take photos outside

-Make a blanket fort

-Pokemon game

-Watch cartoons



:heart: WITH DADDY(/MOMMY/CG)  :heart:

-Silly quizzes with Daddy

-Tickle Daddy

-Take photos with Daddy

-Makeup on Daddy

-Go Fish



-Hide and go seek

-Explore a forest

-Water balloon fight

-Egg hunt (could be Easter, could be any day)

-Color something Daddy drew

-Finish a worksheet Daddy made

-Daddy says what to draw (animals, shapes, things, etc)

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