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Single littles! Do you have your own rules? If so, what are they?


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Hey there! Do any of you single or cg-less littles have rules to give yourself? It's something I really want from a master or daddy but since mine isn't up to it yet, what are some rules I can give myself? What are your rules? And how do you enforce/reward them? 

Thanks for any help!

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Guest Naturalselectionissexy

I would suggest you make yourself the best version possible. If that isn't something you want then I see no point in discussing any rules.


I'm sure you have an idea of what a good person looks like, and also what you define success as. Accomplish both making sure you don't pull anyone else down while doing so.

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I try hard to stick to rulea for work. I hate being late. So I have three alarms set counting down to the responsible time I can still get dressed. I must be out the house a half an hour or more before work.


Another rule is to eat something that isn't sweet twice a day. I am also pushing myself to complete chores, such as washing dishea before the offical day starts. I'm not too good with rules. :(

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When I was single, I only had a couple of rules.


1.) No staying up late

2.) If you can’t sleep, do not look at your phone (unless it’s to turn on white noise or music)

3.) No eating right before bedtime

4.) An hour of studying for each class a day.


I’m sure there were others, but those are the ones I can remember. When my Daddy came along, I told him what I already had in place and we refined them and came up with others to fit more specific needs.


Hope this helps!

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Guest *BabyBear*

It's super difficult for me to set up my own rules :( because I know I'm a push over aha!

I probably need one for sleeping & eating proper meals but I try & set rules like getting my work and chores done which I can usually stick with

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