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hurt daddy


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Me and my daddy are a long distance couple, I have done something to upset him and he wants me to come up with a way to "make it up to him." Any ideas? Anything would be appreciated.

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It's hard to give ideas without knowing more details, since what you should do would vary with the severity of what you did and whether it was a big-relationship upset or a little space upset.


But here's an idea. Use your own judgement whether it would be appropriate or not: 

Try hand-writing him an apology letter and mailing it to him. You can draw pictures and use as many colors as you like. I'm sure he would appreciate the effort and the creativity, especially if you explain how you understand you upset him and ask for heartfelt forgiveness.

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Guest Aetherr

well, it just depends what is this thing you did if i may ask?


what do you usually do when he gets upset?


does he prefer grand gestures or just a promise of better treatment in the future


without knowing if it was ddlg related or relationship related and if its a serious potentially relationship ending thing or if its just a spat that will fade away in a few months, its hard to even begin to offer suggestions

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