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Song`rim Redtide

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I can remember my first lover. She was a strange one, she was gentle yet violent, quiet though she is known for her roars, She gave the best hugs that feel like a full body embrace, something about it is just extremely comforting even to this day, she loves many yet she is an extremely jealous lover. That jealousy of hers that was the deal breaker. In one of her jealous fits, she took something precious from me, my youngest sibling. I understand why it happened it was in her nature a core part of who she was, and through my understanding, I came to forgive her. I still have feelings for her perhaps I’d go as far as to say I still love her. We maintain contact to this day.

My next lover was a friend of a friend that I met from my previous lover. She also loves many people but unlike my first lover, she doesn’t get jealous; however, she was known to be stand-offish but that was all a part of just who she was. Granted like my first lover it was part of her nature and that’s not something you just change even if it’s something you want too, not that she did mind you. Granted I loved the stand-offish nature about her because every now and again you would get to see her when she wasn’t and if you could see her then you would understand why she is so loved by many. Unfortunately, I needed more from a relationship than she was able to provide. We parted on good terms and stay in contact, often talking until the wee hours of the morning.

My third lover was introduced to me by my parents. She was unique, to say the least, and very eccentric. I fell hard and fast and we had an extremely long relationship together. She would take me all over the place and at times it felt like my life had become a part of a new world. She would challenge my viewpoints to have me rethink them, and she was constantly trying to expand my horizons constantly helping me build myself up. She was always there for me despite my problems. She was witty and intelligent and always found a way to pick up my mood or to sit with me through one of the bad moods as a constant pillar of support I could depend on; alas, I was young and foolish and I started to get bored, so we parted ways still surprisingly on good terms. We would meet again one day but more on that later.

My next lover, I’m unsure if the term lover is correct as I still don’t know if it was all one elaborate deception or if something really was there. Honestly, I never will know but the thing that my fourth lover taught me was my flaws. With this one, I learned just what I needed to work on with myself. In this relationship, I was challenged to trust in a way I never had trusted before. This relationship taught me why some people shun relationships after having a few, this relationship taught me how hard it can be to rebuild your self after a relationship ends. Of all of my lovers, this is the only one I have zero contact with.

My next lover or perhaps I should say lovers came as a packaged deal. I met back up with my third lover and the sparks reignited and we instantly clicked, She, however, was seeing someone else though she insisted it could work for all of us together. She took me back to her place and after we entered her place she introduced me to her lover as their new lover. My fifth love gave me a once over, shot a thumbs up, then went back to her room in a funk, and that was how I meet my fifth love. She is extremely fickle yet when she wants to do something she’s fully committed and passionate about it. She has an all-consuming drive that burns bright like a firework yet burns short. She is easily the highest maintenance of any lover I’ve ever had after a burnout, but I surprisingly don’t mind with her. My fifth love likes to challenge what I think my limits are. She refuses to accept what I believe my own limitations are. My fifth love has a way with words that very few possess.

I’ve not had many lovers in my life yet each has left some kind of mark on me. Water(meaning large bodies of water, be it a pond to an ocean) my first lover to this date still brings me comfort; whereas, the night my second lover soothes me and has been a constant companion in my life. Reading or books my third lover just expanded my world and helped me explore the limits of my imagination as a child. My fourth was an actual person one who taught me a lot about myself but left behind her mark. My fifth and final lover is writing and what a lover she has been.

*made two consistency corrections I missed when I reviewed it before posting and added a grammatical correction to make an area feel a little smoother.

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This. Is. The. Shit. 


It's innovative, and the clever use of metaphors is extremely impressive. The words just work so well with each other. 


Thank you for blessing my eyes and mind. An infinite amount of thumbs up to you, Song.♡

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