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I need daddy advice...


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I'll keep it short and sweet (like me lol).

I first started really being little several months ago, my boyfriend was my daddy. Lately I've been getting deeper into little space, but my boyfriend is kinda over it. I mean hes nice about it, but he doesn't really feel like my daddy anymore. I love him and don't want to break up with him, but I miss my daddy...

Fyi: I have talked with him about it and it wasn't eventful...

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Guest Aetherr

maybe ask him about you looking for a platonic caregiver past that if he isnt not interested then pushing the matter further will just result in tension and likely he will start to feel like he is not enough as he is which is never a good thing

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I agree with Aetherr. If you plan to take his advice, however, and your boyfriend doesn't react pleasantly, it's best to leave the situation as it is -- but if the need for someone to fulfill that daddy role is strong, you should explain that to him thoroughly before making the decision to part from the relationship or not. 

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