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Where do you storing your little things?


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Hello! So I was wondering where you all store your little things? Specifically things like dishware and books.


I live with other people and don't like leaving out my plates or cups even in the sink as I forget them. I normally store my dishes in a box under my bed but when I am little I get kind of lazy so I don't try to take them out. Same with my books. I keep my children's books and coloring books in a bag under my bed.


This has become a problem because if I want to use them, I have to go through all my other things first and so I don't go into little space as often. Any tips on how to store them where they are easier to grab? And as for the dishes what is an easy way to store them after washing? (that isn't in the sink/kitchen) Where and how do you store your little things? 


Thank you! 

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Hmmm, Daddy stores all my bottles, sippy cups, plates, etc in the kitchen beside our other dishes because he wants them on hand when making meals. He also just thinks my paw patrol stuff is adorable so tries to use it for me at every occasion. Heck, there's usually a bottle or two of juice in our fridge at any given moment.


As for books we keep all our books in our library with a couple in the workout room and guest room for easy access. We dont like hiding things in our own home that just stresses us out. Books are a bit easier to explain, if anyone asks, which has never happened, we can just say it's for when friends bring their kids over.


When my wife and I were staying with my cousin and his wife while looking for our next house we just a small gym bag our room that was always easily on hand and accessible, no digging required. Not sure if that would work for you or not. You could always just keep a book under your pillow as well maybe?


Little kaiya

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If you live with people who are not aware of your preferences, especially if they are your parents  storing your ddlg items can be hard. and just be prepared they will likely be found one day. so have a cover story. 


I went through a personality crisis a bit back and tried out the whole little thing, even tried diapers once. 


I live with my brother and mother. 


Although I was never found out, you really really have to be careful. always put things back after using them, always put the storage container out of the way after you put your ddlg things in it after use. 


be safe people. 

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I live with my mom, and I keep most of my things in my room or in my closet. I keep my coloring books in my bedside table, along with my crayons and markers. I make sure to put my adult coloring books on top so even if she does look in there (which I highly doubt) then she won’t feel the need to look underneath the other stuff.


As for plates and sippies, I just keep them in a box in my closet. I don’t use them super often as I’m afraid of my mom walking in on me, but they are there if I want to use them. My Daddy and I are planning on moving in together in the summer, where I plan on just keeping them in our cupboards to use on a daily basis.


As for books, I keep them in a bin at the top of my closet, which one of my extra bibles in front as well as a few other books I used for school. I don’t really use them unless I’m with Daddy, so I’m okay with them being up there.


Hope this gives you some ideas for hiding stuff.



Junebug xxx

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Seems the solution would be to not have to hide them. Is revealing this about yourself and educating the people around you not possible? It's difficult but extremely liberating. Once I established the objective of not caring what others thought about who or what I am my life got a lot easier.

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My storybooks are in the bedroom, dishes are in the kitchen. Stuffies are everywhere. Then everything else I have in the livingroom in a "little" area.



You could try something like this: xo sfw

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Hmmmm, well everybody else already has lots of great idea for hiding them but I wanted to ask what kind of people do you live with? If it's you family then I don't know if this would work but it it's like a share house type thing then I know of some people who literally label cupboard in the kitchen as "theirs" so that nobody goes in them and they're usually just storing food they've bought but this would definitely be a good way to store your little plates and cups as it's incredibly common in share houses so it wouldn't look out of place :)
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