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My girlfriend recently told me she was a little and I have no idea what any of this is about but the general idea freaks me out please help me understand and maybe appreciate her lifestyle
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What's freaking you out about it? This is a great spot to learn about the lifestyle and most everyone is super nice and happy to help. I'm not really sure where to start as far as explanations go so...do you have any questions in particular about it?

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The first thing you need to know is - Being in DDlg has NOTHING to do with what it may originally come off as. There is nothing that "crosses the line" in this dynamic (what with age, relations, etc).

The biggest thing to learn is that this is an inherent power dynamic. And if your girlfriend is a little, look at it as her therapy and/or kink. Being a little is actually therapeutic for a TON of people. It helps them deal with anxiety, depression, past and current traumas and more. I would talk to your little and ask her why she thinks being little is so nice for her. A lot of littles know, some don't so please be patient.


If it is a kink for her, think of it as the Naughty School Girl Platinum Edition. Instead of roleplaying the naughty school girl, she *lives* the life and will look toward her Daddy (boyfriend).

There is so very much that can be included in someone's Little identity and a lot of it can be daunting. Before you freak out completely, I would sit and ask her what she is entirely. Is she a little pet? An ABDL little? A middle? A brat? A slave? An obedient and quiet little? A rule breaking rambunctious little? And so on. Some identities definitely can require a lot more effort and understanding (ABDL stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover - Im sure you can understand from the title what that means). And your girlfriend may just be a casual little who likes to sleep with stuffies (stuffed animals).


Again - before you totally freak out, sit and discuss things with her. You never know, you may find it incredibly intimate as expressing to someone that you are a little leaves them incredibly vulnerable. And if you do not like it, remember: you may not like it, but it is a part of who she is. Like a singer would be lost without her voice, most littles would be lost without their identity. So be nice and even if it really grosses you out, try try try to remain as open minded so you don't hurt her. Be honest 100% so you don't hurt you, but just realize it probably took a lot for her to open up to you.

I hope it all works out for you two, regardless of the outcome! :heart:

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