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Convincing my Master to Accept DDlg


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I'm not sure if this is the appropriate section for that but, my Master and I were talking one night and I brought up calling your partner Daddy and he acted absolutely disgusted and horrified at the thought. I've never told him I am into that sort of thing but it still hurt pretty bad. How would one go about approaching someone who is against DDlg and telling them it's something they like?
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Well, I imagine you would just have to bring it up casually. Maybe introduce him to the idea and mention that it's something that you enjoy. Everyone's different and he might not be into it, but any good boyfriend/girlriend/significant other would be considerate enough to at least listen and give it a try.

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This is not the anwer you are looking for, but maybe there's not much you can do to convince him.


imho DD/LG is not for everyone. It's not just "another kink" or fetish. People don't choose to be Daddies or Littles anymore than they don't choose their sexual orientation. imho either you are a Daddy-Little or you aren't. As simple as that.


Sure, there are many people who say they are into DDLG, but being realistic most of them delve into it as a "phase", much like girls in college go into their lesb phase then forget about it.


I know I may get a lot of heat in here for voicing my opinion, but it's just that, an opinion.


You can't make someone so against DDLG as your Master to like it. He might fold and accept it (more like pretend) just to please you, but ask yourself, will you be happy with that arrangement?


Furthermore, most guys who are "made" to practice DDLG without being really into it, get very resentful eventually. Being a Daddy is hard work and just reserved for those who have it in their blood.

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Is it DD/lg he had a problem with, or just the name "Daddy"?

You called him master so apparently you already have a D/s dynamic.

It could very well be that he would quite enjoy DD/lg but doesn't know it yet.

Just because he dasn't like the name "Daddy" doesn't mean the problem with the DD/lg dynamic.

i can't call my Big that name, not because He has a problem with it but because i do.

So now i call Him Papa Kitty, and He is happy with that. Maybe for Your master entering up with that word specifically like it is for me.

He probably doesn't realize how important this is to you. You should talk to him about it. Probably during a calm, relaxing, snuggly time is best.

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Guest ( ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ ) MrGentle

I think it all depends on a few factors.


  • Your level of expectation and his.
  • Your patience and willingness to teach him what it is you want/need.
  • His ability to care for you in a way that seems to have initially repulsed him.
  • Where the 2 of you are comfortable with compromising.

You have to communicate, deeply, and quickly I'd say. The longer you let his idea of DD/lg fester without knowing the truth and the longer you sit and wonder what's going on in his head the worse it could be. It could turn out to be great too. This might bring you closer in the end. Keep a positive attitude and respect his opinions and thoughts on it. You might uncover some hidden trauma's he has in doing so, you never know.

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